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ServiceMax Remote Triage

Identify & troubleshoot service issues before dispatching the technician

Key Takeaways

With artificial intelligence-driven insights, resolving customer challenges has become more efficient and accurate, ultimately driving improved service profitability.”

Mark Hessinger
Vice President, Global Customer Services, 3D Systems

One of the biggest costs for service organizations are trucks rolls, dispatching technician s to service equipment. Every time a technician is needlessly dispatched or fails to complete a job during the first visit cuts into the company’s bottom line, and negatively impacts customer experience. If service organizations could pinpoint the causes of equipment failures and predict possible solutions, they could save up to 71% of costs associated with unnecessary truck rolls.

The way to avoid unnecessary or unsuccessful truck rolls is to learn from past service experience. However, this problem is difficult to address. First, organizations have limited insight into the cause of truck rolls, and into how exactly technicians fixed a failure and which parts were used. This information is often stored as free text, making it difficult to analyze. Second, organizations find it challenging to connect equipment failure with solutions, recognize patterns, and apply them to future service requests.

ServiceMax Remote Triage is a module of the ServiceMax platform that helps service organizations find the most cost-effective solution for each failure incident and prevents unnecessary truck rolls. Remote Triage gives service organizations more options than just dispatching technicians every time a failure is reported. By applying AI to historical service data, Remote Triage understands the root causes, how they were resolved, and which parts were used. As new service requests come in, Remote Triage suggests likely solutions, ranked by their cost effectiveness.