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Complete Mobile Field Operations Management Solutions

Utilizing FieldFX in the office and the field by departments across the business, operations, field personnel and accounting, will produce a more streamlined, efficient, and valuable mobile field operations process.

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A Seamless Workflow for Field Service Companies


  • Reduce Revenue Leakage at Scale

    Service providers in the energy industry have many billable items, including materials, consumables, equipment, and labor. Each item may be priced differently based on the customer, the location, or the type of work. Additionally, discount schedules and other complexities further complicate the pricing model. FieldFX helps to ensure the four-way match: With the price book serving as the common foundation throughout the process, an accurate quote can produce an accurate field ticket, leading to an accurate invoice.

  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

    Many service companies suffer with high Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) due to the slow, inefficient, paper-based processes. Through digital transformation with FieldFX, your existing processes will become more efficient. This streamlined approach will result in a dramatic reduction in the elapsed time between when work is performed and a correct invoice is sent to a customer, effectively resulting in a decrease in your DSO.

  • Stay Connected Everywhere

    Field personnel often work in remote areas without reliable Internet service, but they need to stay connected. FieldFX works both online and offline on an iPad, Android, or Windows-based tablet or laptop so your field technicians can perform the job, make changes to the ticket, attach any related photos or documents, and record any relevant site data. When the crew member returns to an area with internet access, FieldFX automatically synchronizes their tablet or laptop with the FieldFX cloud.

What Sets ServiceMax Apart

Born in the Cloud
Attractive, Simple Pricing Model
Built Enterprise Class
Ease of Use & Fast Implementation
Comprehensive Mobile Suite
Asset-Centric Product Modules
Industry Thought Leadership
Pure-Play FSM with CRM & ERP Integration