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Benchmarking Report: The Impact of Asset Data Flow Beyond the Silo of Field Service Operations

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2022 Field Service News Research Report

We are living in the age of information, a time when data underpins all aspects of excellence within a service-centric organization. Yet, so often, the ability to take meaningful and actionable insight from the data available to us remains locked away in business siloes.1

ServiceMax partnered with Field Service News in a recent research project to understand how often and efficiently asset data is used within service organizations—or does the data remain within a silo of operations which can stall or prevent innovation and digital transformation.

The focus of the report also explores whether the movement of data across an organization is a significant factor in enabling greater cross-department collaboration.

Over 230 service leaders from a variety of different industry verticals including manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, power generation, healthcare, med-tech, security and many others were interviewed for the research project.

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1 Kris Odland, Benchmarking Report: The Impact of Asset Data Flow Beyond the Silo of Field Service Operations, Field Service News, 2022

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