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The First Annual Chief Service Officer Report


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How CSOs Are Addressing the Most Pressing Challenges in Field Service

The report underscores the growing prevalence of the service department as a center for revenue growth and the Chief Service Officer (CSO) as a leader in driving the organization’s approach to customer experience.

CSOs Are Focusing on CX and Revenue Growth

100 field service leaders across the US and Canada were surveyed; more than two-thirds work at companies with greater than $1B in revenue. When asked about their goals for 2022:

  • 42% claim the primary focus of their CSO is helping to lead the organization’s approach to customer experience (CX), while 39% claim their CSO’s primary focus is helping to lead the organization’s approach to revenue growth.
  • 43% have begun to shift their focus to turning service into a source of business growth but are still in the early stages.
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