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Unlocking Value in your Installed Base


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Key Takeaways

Service leaders often focus narrowly on engineer utilization and scheduling when evaluating productivity and field service success. But this approach ignores two important performance indicators – customer experience and revenue growth.

After an initial equipment sale, your service is the ongoing link with your customer that essentially becomes your brand. Your service quality has tremendous influence in upsells and referrals, and drives future sales. Make sure your engineers can deliver outstanding service and help grow revenue with the right installed base tools.

This white paper helps companies in asset-intensive industries gain full visibility into their installed base to drive customer experience and revenue. In addition, you’ll learn:

  • What to look for in an installed base management solution
  • How to reach full equipment visibility with Industrial IoT and / or manual data entries
  • Key business metrics to achieve customer satisfaction and business growth
  • Best practices for installed base management
  • Success stories from other leading companies
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