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EnerCorp Embraces Digital Transformation with FieldFX

From Paper to Digital

With a growing product line, EnerCorp needed to change how they operated and move away from their paper dependencies. Having everything on paper made it difficult to have historical and centralized data to project and prepare for the future. After reviewing different platforms, the EnerCorp team identified FieldFX as the provider who could solve their business needs and offer the flexibility to grow and innovate with their business.

The decision to use FieldFX, from a CFO perspective, is huge. Our DSO was over 100 days and (with FieldFX) we have reduced it to 30 to 35 days. That is a significant reduction for us.

Christina Meineke
Chief Financial Officer

Learn how EnerCorp was able to reduce their DSO, streamline data and processes with FieldFX.