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Discover the Secret to a Successful Digital Transformation Journey

Cross-team asset collaboration is key

An aligned digital strategy across the enterprise not only establishes a shared digital vision but it creates a path for enterprise-wide innovations.

Aly Pinder
Program Director of Service Innovation & Connected Products, IDC

It’s no secret that asset-centric organizations are looking to accelerate their digital transformations. But why are some companies struggling to drive results?

As per IDC’s analysis, successful companies have more frequent and effective collaboration sessions between business functions, including design, engineering, research and development (R&D), and service. These teams collaborate with the vision of driving additional value from their assets and the customers who rely on these assets. The inclusion of service teams’ input in company-wide discussions is especially important. That said, service teams are often isolated, left to operate in their own silo, and left out of cross-team initiatives. But insights from the field are invaluable when it comes to improving critical areas of business functionality like product quality and resource allocation.

With more alignment, asset-centric businesses become agile and are better able to quickly meet the evolving needs of their customers. When leaders from different departments are actively involved in defining business strategy and decisions, a company’s digital transformation journey is set up for success.