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FX Trucking: Simplifying the Process for Dispatchers and Drivers

Data at the dispatchers’/drivers’ fingertips

Key Takeaways

FieldFX's FX Trucking module is a fit-for-purpose, segment-specific app that provides an intuitive and seamless experience for dispatchers and drivers.

One screen scheduling and dispatching includes:

  • Access to all information required to create tickets provided from one screen.

When creating a route, from the home screen, the dispatcher has access to:

  • Customer Selection
  • Date of Requested Service
  • Origin and Destination
  • Billing Information- Job and Ticket Types
  • Access to Existing Jobs and the Ability to Create New Jobs

FX Trucking’s Mobile screens provide an easy and guided approach to loading and unloading materials such as fluids, sand, chemicals or equipment as it moves from one location to another.