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ServiceMax Live

Eastman Kodak Talks Customer-Centricity & Harnessing Asset Data

ServiceMax Live

Eastman Kodak, a global technology company focused on print, advanced materials & chemicals, is in the midst of a digital transformation. The company is leveraging technology across the organization to drive business efficiency, break down silos, and create a customer-centric business model.

Eastman Kodak's service organization is front and center in this journey. With ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce, the service teams are bringing data and action together to deliver better outcomes for their customers.

During this ServiceMax Live, Todd Bigger, VP of Print Service at Eastman Kodak, discusses:

  • Creating synergies and efficiencies across service, sales, and marketing teams through technology & automation
  • Uncovering powerful asset data to drive customer-centric, proactive business decisions
  • Strategically selecting the right FSM solution that will connect their CRM and enhance overall business data