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ServiceMax Live

Lowry Solutions Empowers Service, Sales, and Marketing

ServiceMax Live

Lowry has transformed from a computer peripheral equipment reseller into an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider that specializes in supply chain tracking and traceability solutions.

Sean Lowry, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Lowry Solutions and Allan Alexopolus, Managing Director at Bolt Data discussed:

  • How Asset 360 adds value to the Salesforce ecosystem for Lowry
  • How Lowry, Bolt Data and ServiceMax executed flawless implementation and other best practices
  • The vision behind field service excellence that empowers the whole business at Lowry

During this ServiceMax Live, Sean shared how he overcame his business challenges like:

  • Need to consolidate siloed systems with incomplete and disparate data, and improve a lack of automation that slowed down processes and required manual entry and research
  • Desire to to streamline IT systems and internal processes as they grew and diversified products and services.
  • Need to generate additional revenue through service contracts by improving entitlement visibility while increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

And achieved business results including:

  • 17% increase in contract attach rate
  • 12% increase in renewal rate