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Data to Empower Business

Insight with FX Analytics

Key Takeaways

The ability to gather data from the field and interpret information efficiently is critical to generating real value from data - and often challenging to achieve. Many service companies in the energy industry still use paper and Excel sheets to capture data. Capturing data in this manner is antiquated and is not a repository that can be easily reported against.

FieldFX takes digital data from the field and the back office and makes it accessible for reporting within FX Analytics. Leverage FX Analytics to:

  • Produce revenue reports by customer, business segment, and month, including gross margin.
  • Generate reports that illustrate revenue by serialized equipment, revenue by person, number of jobs per month by office, and many more.
  • Purchase Order reports allow you to attach tickets and see the PO analysis, including what funds are still available for the remainder of the project.