ServiceMax Engage
Delight your end customers and drive asset data accuracy

ServiceMax Engage is an intuitive, turnkey mobile application that connects service organizations with their end customers—the owners and operators of the equipment they service—to improve customer experience and asset data quality.


How does ServiceMax Engage improve your service execution?

Customer Satisfaction
Asset Data Accuracy
Time to Service
Service Revenue

With ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce and ServiceMax Core, we ensure that technicians, whether your own employees or third-party contractors, can exceed your customers' service expectations. We help you achieve remarkable results. 

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ServiceMax Engage

Leading service organizations are increasingly seeking to involve their customers in the service process. Doing so can improve customer experience and satisfaction by providing greater visibility into how service is being performed, and a greater role in initiating or even performing service. In turn, end customers can improve the quality and completeness of asset data, contributing to productivity and equipment uptime for service providers.

While customer web-based portals can play a role in increasing customer engagement, they typically fall short in meeting those customers’ expectations in terms of usability and functionality. Nor are they designed to leverage customers in addressing the challenge of ensuring complete and accurate data for their assets. The need for a mobile app that is both customer-friendly and asset-centric is why we have developed ServiceMax Engage.

ServiceMax Engage is more than a service request app. It also gives end customers access to the same asset service data as field technicians. Utilizing the asset insights of equipment owners and operators adds to the “asset data gravity” that is central to effective service execution. More complete and accurate equipment information leads to higher asset uptime, benefiting the service organization and customer alike.

End Customer Benefits
  • Deeper Involvement with Service Process
  • Self-Service through Remote Support
  • Mobile Access to Real-Time Asset Information
Service Outcomes
  • Enhanced Customer Experience & Satisfaction
  • Improved Asset Data Accuracy & Visibility
  • Increased Technician Productivity
  • Improved Contract Performance
  • Increased Service Revenue

Service Process Engagement 

  • Initiate a service request
  • Request a technician
  • View and manage appointments
  • Receive real-time appointment notifications
  • Track technician location en route to site
  • Communicate with technician via text message

Remote Expert Support

  • Request Zinc Hotline support
  • Receive guided support including audio, video, and annotation
  • Initiate Hotline Conversations within context of asset
Schedule Optimization

Asset Insights & Updates

  • View asset information
  • View service history
  • Access additional asset service knowledge documentation (product manuals, FAQ, images, videos)
  • Access reports on asset performance metrics
  • Follow and receive notifications on assets
  • Request asset data update
  • Assign names to assets

The IT advantages of Engage

  • Broader functionality and enhanced usability versus a customer web portal
  • Turnkey app – no additional implementation costs
  • Custom UX – branded to your customers’ preferences
  • Seamless – native to ServiceMax and Salesforce

"The latest innovation in field service mobile apps extends to putting them directly in the hands of customers, particularly business customers. Although it’s early days for customers using field service mobile apps directly, the results so far are promising. Giving customers more power to manage their them greater control...that has huge potential to improve outcomes. Empowering customers to be more hands-on in managing their assets also helps to close a critical part of the feedback loop for manufacturers. Customers are best placed to validate information about assets in the field."

–Nicole France, Constellation Research

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