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Field Engineer Productivity
Service Costs

ServiceMax ensures you send the right people to the right job at the right time, with remarkable results from our service scheduling software. The average ServiceMax customer increases field productivity by 23%* and reduces service costs by 14%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

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When a customer's issue cannot be resolved remotely, and an engineer is needed on site, you want to respond immediately, but you also need to ensure that your field service teams — either your employees or your partners' — are utilised efficiently; minimising long drive times and white space in their schedules. ServiceMax has the right dispatching software options to help you efficiently manage work orders, maximize utilisation rates, and keep your most valuable customers happy.

Advanced Workforce Scheduling

Interactive scheduling for effective service

Assigning jobs to your field service technicians and engineers can be a complex operation. ServiceMax's Advanced Workforce Scheduling boasts an exceptional user interface to manage interactive and even fully automatic scheduling processes. Manage the schedules of both your own employees and your partner-employed field personnel. By leveraging our intuitive, drag-and-drop dispatch console, you can set up schedules for multiple work orders simultaneously and schedule longer jobs for multiple visits automatically. Increase first time fix rates and reduce mean time to repair by quickly dispatching the right technician to the job.

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Real-Time Schedule Optimisation

Service schedules continuously optimised for maximum efficiency

Talented and informed dispatchers work wonders with the daily schedule – mentally balancing technician locations, skill sets, expertise, priority customers, and situation severity. But what happens when the number of technicians and work orders scale, when unpredictable requests arrive, and when Industrial IoT generated work requests come in. As complexity rises, humans need a bit of assistance – that's where Schedule Optimisation comes in. Schedule Optimisation from ServiceMax is an automated scheduling, workforce optimisation and dispatch solution that provides the most effective allocation of your resources based on your business objectives. Your dispatch efficiency is dramatically improved, costs to schedule are minimised and your technicians are enabled to perform more jobs each day.

3rd Party Contractor Communities

Cost-effective contractor management, scheduling and dispatch

Customer’s don’t stop calling for service when your field service schedule is over capacity. That’s a good thing. At the height of demand or for specific types of work, you may need a capacity boost from third-party contractors and when you do, ServiceMax can help.

Partners represent you and need detailed information to respond on-time and serve customers well. Similarly, you need visibility into each partner's operation to ensure transparency and great service. With ServiceMax 3rd Party Contractor Communities, you keep your partners close, so your customers are never too far away. With complete visibility into your service channel, your partners stay accountable not only to their schedules, but your customers’ satisfaction so you meet service demand and revenue goals stay on target.

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