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Delayed delivery of job tickets is now a thing of the past. FieldFX streamlines the entire ticketing process from operations to field personnel and invoicing. With the fastest sync time in the industry, you’ll know the status of completed tickets as soon as field personnel updates the information. Now you can review job tickets and make any modifications before invoicing.

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FieldFX E-Ticketing on desktop and tablet

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Complete Job Paperwork With Just a Few Clicks

  • Create single and multi-day field tickets and job orders with or without an internet connection
  • Associate driving directions to a job via Google Maps
  • Design price books for general use, specific customers, date ranges, offices, and business segments
  • Generate almost any form and customize it to look like your existing paper forms
  • Attach job documents such as customer stamps, receipts, safety forms, photos, etc.
  • Create custom reports that can be saved and re-used

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Reduce Revenue Leakage

Configure price books to use various rules to drive specific items onto the ticket under certain conditions automatically. FieldFX ensures these items get added to the ticket even if the field supervisor forgets to select them explicitly. Now, your job revenue is accurate and you avoid lost revenue due to missing billable items.

Set Up Customizable Alerts for a Seamless Workflow

With the FieldFX alert engine, you can set up automatic email and text message notifications throughout the workflow process. All alerts are completely customizable, so you can decide when, why, and whom they are sent.

Easily Add Necessary Job Documents

Attach job-related documents such as safety forms, job plans, MSDS, photos, and drawings in various formats. Add attachments at any time, online or off, allowing you to easily keep those documents tied to the job for future reference.

Capture Electronic Signatures

Getting your customer’s signature for job approval is easy with FieldFX. You can configure your electronic field tickets to match your paper tickets, complete with signature blocks. Once in the field, you can capture signatures directly on your tablet or PC screen or connect a USB signature pad device to your laptop.

Ensuring the Four-Way Match

Service providers in the energy industry have many billable items, including materials, consumables, equipment, and labor. Each item may be priced differently based on the customer, the location, or the type of work. Additionally, discount schedules and other complexities further complicate the pricing model. FieldFX helps to ensure the four-way match: With the price book serving as the common foundation throughout the process, an accurate quote can produce an accurate field ticket, leading to an accurate invoice.

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