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Warranties & Contracts

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What Happens with Better Warranty & Contract Management?

+13%Service Revenue
+11%Contract Renewals

ServiceMax ensures you stay close to your customers, never give away free service and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer increases service revenue by 13%* and contract renewals by 11%*.
*Average ServiceMax customer results, based on a survey conducted in September 2016.

Powerful, Deep Warranty & Contract Management

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Keeping accurate service contracts, warranties and maintenance plans, across customers and locations is difficult to do, yet crucial to success. ServiceMax ensures that vital contract, maintenance and warranty data is accurate for all customers and every serviceable product, so that you deliver service exactly when it is needed and never give it away for free.

Entitlements & Warranty Management

Never give service away for free
The last thing any good service leader wants to do is give away service for free. Yet so many service organizations find it a struggle to track entitlements, that many technicians and engineers just don't question whether the customer is entitled to service or not – and customers certainly won't correct them. ServiceMax can make free service and warranty leakage a thing of the past, contributing to both your top and bottom line results.

Comprehensive, automated entitlement verification based on product, location, named contact, available & remaining services

Interactive entitlements that allow flexibility in assigning coverage based on multiple contracts and warranties for the same installed products, locations or accounts

Perform an automated entitlement check anywhere, via a mobile device

Support for metered services via counters, with the ability to automatically account for usage so remaining entitlements are tracked accurately

Configurable entitlement notes automatically populated to inform engineers in the field of all contract and warranty details

Unique Field Service app “get price” feature that captures with one click pricing, contract coverage, discounts and warranties on work order parts and labor entries

Service Contracts

Know your customers; grow your service revenue
Service revenue and growth have never been more critical to the bottom line. For manufacturers of all types and sizes, selling services -- not just products -- often delivers significantly improved margins. For many service providers, service is their entire business. So why are so many organizations still using archaic, manual tools to sell and manage the delivery of services?

Don’t let your organization fall behind. Profitable service requires modern contract capabilities. ServiceMax empowers organizations to define and manage a wide range of service plans that enable expansion into new markets, and increase service revenue and profits – all within a complete, web and mobile field service delivery solution.

Complete visibility into warranty and contracts in service delivery means you never give away free service

Grow your service business with expansion into new markets and the ability to deliver new types of service offerings, such as outcome-based service

Increase revenue by avoiding contract leakage

Speed up cash flow by ensuring accurate service tracking and billing

Improve customer satisfaction by using standardized service plans

Improve the consistency of service offerings, thus ensuring predictable and dependable profitability

Preventive Maintenance

Consistent, proactive service for the best customer experience
Preventive maintenance is evolving. It’s not just about scheduling the same work every month to prevent failure anymore. Today, working smarter with better information about equipment condition is critical to ensure maintenance is effective. With ServiceMax, you get the best in preventive maintenance management from automated work order creation with set schedules and dynamically planned work order creation, to full condition based plans that allow you to right-size your maintenance work, stay proactive and delight your customers.

Efficient, automated creation of work orders and assignment of tasks

Flexible options for preventive maintenance plans:

  • Set schedules with different visit frequencies (ie weekly, monthly or every 10 days)
  • Dynamically planned to automatically adjust maintenance intervals
  • Conditions based for real-world usage and counters attributes to respond proactively

Maintenance coverage for an account, location or by installed product, including all as-maintained components

Unlimited number of preventive maintenance plans for a given service contract

Product integration with Service Cloud Cases for automatic creation of preventative maintenance cases

Task templates for pre-defined maintenance activities provide sequenced, priority tasks and required parts for complete and consistent maintenance

Flexible options for work order creation – many installed products per work order or one installed product per work order

Automatically assign maintenance work orders to queues, primary technicians or any ServiceMax user for scheduling

Notifications to keep administrators informed of Preventive Maintenance plan execution and logs to keep a historical record for management of plans

Service Plans

Contract management, simplified
The ability to offer a well-designed slate of service solutions can boost both top and bottom line results significantly. Yet many organizations shy away from “standardized” service offerings, fearing that consistency will be difficult to enforce or too hard to administer. With ServiceMax, you can define and manage a wide range of service plans that enable expansion into new markets, and increase service revenue and profits.

Create and manage service plans/templates of popular service offerings

Quickly author complex service contracts based on service plans that automatically include the plan details, yet still are extremely flexible to enable specific exceptions and adjustments

Manage the service contract lifecycle – author, quote, activate, renew, cancel

Support for multiple product & labor pricebooks to ensure consistent and accurate pricing of labor, parts, products and consumables

Rich labor pricing options; including fixed price, minimum labor charged, rounding time charged and the ability to set product or product line-specific labor pricing

Define service level agreement (SLA) tiers, for example Gold, Silver, Bronze tiers with defined response and resolution times

Include SLA tier, part, labor, travel pricing, services and allowed quantities on contracts

Support for metered services (10 support calls, 3 maintenance visits etc.), including the ability to monitor and debit usage

Automatic calculation of work order line pricing based on contract price terms and discounts, even from a mobile device

Automatic pro-forma invoice creation for contract and service billing

Ability to present the pro-forma invoice on a mobile device to the customer while on site, and even capture a signature on the spot

Manage automatic service contract renewals

Support for preventive maintenance plan templates with required parts and checklists as a part of the service contract

Access to contract details via the customer or partner community or portal

Support your global business in multiple languages and multiple currencies

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