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How Effective is the ServiceMax Field Service App?

+18%Technician Productivity
+11%Customer Satisfaction

ServiceMax Field Service App ensures the highest levels of efficiency from your technicians and engineers, while simultaneously impressing and delighting your customers. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer increases technician productivity by 18%* and customer satisfaction scores by 11%*.
*Average ServiceMax customer results, based on a survey conducted in September 2016.

A Mobile Solution Uniquely Designed for Life in the Field

ServiceMax Mobile for iPad

See how field technicians and engineers use the ServiceMax Field Service App

The ServiceMax Field Service App is developed on a standard mobile framework for all the field-ready functionality you need to improve field productivity with any device. Designed from the ground up with field technicians and engineers in mind, it provides a refined interface, consistent access and targeted service workflows regardless of internet connectivity. ServiceMax Field Service empowers field workers to successfully complete complex work orders, present service reports for customer signature, provide dynamic pricing of labor, parts and products in the field and much more.

ServiceMax Field Service App

The next generation of mobile productivity for field service
Our Field Service App is ultimately flexible and uniquely designed for field work. It doesn’t just put a calendar and directions in the hands of techs and engineers – it delivers complete visibility for maximum productivity. With a work order process that comes complete with scheduling, work estimates, checklists, troubleshooting and work order debrief, engineers do more. They not only accurately account for their work, but they also follow the right steps for consistent service, entitle work requested while on site and come prepared to answer any customer inquiry. And, they can do it all whether online or off. ServiceMax Field Service App is perfect for the “disconnected day”, and keeps techs working even while offline for weeks and even months. Deployed with Service Flow, it delivers consistent workflows to any device, for every type of service –break-fix, installations, planned maintenance and more. It keeps field technicians focused, and productive with configure once, deploy anywhere capabilities that simplify administration.

Seamless offline capabilities with Smart Sync, so that technicians can access customer or product information, or capture service remotely, regardless of internet connectivity

Single sign on (SSO) and OAuth 2.0 to ensure seamless, secure access

Configure once, deploy everywhere: ServiceMax’s unique Service Flow provides process workflows and wizards that keep techs on track, regardless of which device they use

Formulas and advanced data validation during data entry ensures data integrity even if connectivity is not available

Smart Business Docs to dynamically create service reports, invoices, etc. based on business rules and have customers sign them while on site (via tablets and laptops with touchscreen or an external signature capture pad)

Easy to search for parts and products in trunk stock and the trunk stock of nearby technicians

Real-time, automated pricing for time and materials estimations

Calendar view of work orders and associated tasks that can be changed dynamically– delivering updates to the office in real-time

Access to all pertinent data: entitlement verifications, customer history, location, contacts, product service history, repairs, warranties and more

Add attachments (up to 25MB each) via the native iOS share screens, so that techs can easily capture and share photos/video taken at the customer site, email service reports or contracts, and more

Checklist and data collection for contextual instructions and multi-section forms delivered alongside work order, location, customer and other field details

Connected device (IoT) support with Installed Base App (formerly ProductIQ) to arm your service techs and engineers with deep installed base information needed to improve mean time to repair (MTTR) and first time fix (FTF)

App-to-app integration with third party apps to enable secure, rich exchange of data on the same device. This opens up new mobile use cases and drives higher technician productivity.

Offline Synchronization

The best offline performance for technicians and engineers
Nothing is more important than delivering productivity boosting mobile apps to field technicians and engineers, so they can complete their work quickly and effectively. But, what happens when most of the work needs to be done outside network range? Without Internet connectivity, some standard mobile applications stop providing full work order capabilities, but not ServiceMax Field Service. With the market’s leading mobile synchronization capabilities, our Field Service App keeps technicians and engineers productive with just the right amount and type of data to complete a full work order process from time and materials lookups, entry, signature capture and service report creation.

Handles both initial and incremental synchronization as needed for data and configuration details by technician, team region and service process

Availability of choices in synchronization methods: scheduled, manual, after record update and more

Full synchronization reporting for management and audit of mobile sync performance

Keep track of technicians and engineers with device location tracking for GPS coordinates

Ability to purge unused and unneeded data for improving application performance

Knowledge & Collaboration

Collaboration to perfect service delivery and delight customers
What if you could send your best people, your best solutions, the latest technologies, and the best ideas from across your entire organization on every service call? With ServiceMax Field Service, you can.

More than just a social network, Knowledge & Collaboration transforms the way your company collaborates around service topics, while providing amazing business insight to your executives and their teams. And since it is built on the proven Chatter platform, sales and service can stay in synch by monitoring a seamless, real-time view of customer and repair activity in a one-of-a-kind mobile application feed.

Improve first time fix rates and avoid costly second truck rolls

Improve technician utilization rates and productivity by ensuring quick access to answers

Use the real-time feed to stay on top of what matters most – your customers.

Document and leverage tribal knowledge

Proactively illuminate service issues

Provide executives with visibility to changes, updates, and important items as they occur

Foster beneficial relationships across your distributed teams

Knowledge & Collaboration, powered by’s Chatter platform, provides all the valued features of enterprise social networking, including profiles, status updates, sharing, liking, commenting, following, groups, document sharing, and trending

Offline Close

Complete mobile work order management regardless of connectivity
When your paper-based field service activities slow your cash flow, you need a reliable application that helps engineers and technicians keep accurate records of each service visit. It can’t slow them down and it can’t be incomplete, so the app’s offline performance can’t be an afterthought. ServiceMax Field Service enables time-saving automation for the technician and puts complete and accurate reporting in front of the customer. The result is a complete, accurate and efficient customer experience that keeps the cash flowing.

Get Price – a comprehensive pricing tool for accurate estimates, quotes and invoices

Automatic calculation of billable work

Full pricebook, contract and warranty coverage for each work order

Smart Docs - configurable output documents for quoting, service reporting and more

Flexible options for customer branding and standard templates

Save copies to .pdf and attach to records for audits and as reference for work quoted and completed

Capture and attach multiple electronic signatures

Send via email to customers, partners, or suppliers

McKinley Equipment: Delighting Customers With ServiceMax

McKinley Equipment: Delighting Customers With ServiceMax

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