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How does complete Installed Base visibility affect your business?

+11%Customer Satisfaction
+12%Machine Uptime

A visible, connected installed base has the power to fundamentally change the way you deliver products and services. Outages and downtime are minimized, calls to the service desk to log a “case” become obsolete, and most importantly, your customer stays delighted. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer increases customer satisfaction by 11%* and increases machine uptime by 12%*.
*Average ServiceMax customer results, based on a survey conducted in September 2016.

Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

ServiceMax InstalledBase App

See how ServiceMax Installed Base Management improves customer experience

ServiceMax Installed Base Management features an enterprise-grade mobile application that is a valuable addition to ServiceMax Work Order Management. See how the Installed Base App helps engineers maintain up-to-date asset information, allows asset-heavy service businesses to gain visibility, and ensures customers receive extraordinary service.

ServiceMax Installed Base App

Enterprise-scale mobile app for fast and easy database management
Asset-heavy businesses thrive by maximizing the lifetime value of the products they sell and service. But it is challenging to keep track of thousands of installed base products once they leave your manufacturing facility and their as-maintained status changes.

You need a powerful, fast, and easy way to gain visibility into as-maintained customers’ equipment and one source of truth for the entire organization. ServiceMax Installed Base App helps you instantly know what is actually on site and automatically provides you with the knowledge base you need for your appointment, even when there is no internet connectivity. As a result, your service delivery improves, resolution times shrink, and new revenue opportunities multiply.

Considering connecting products to the Internet of Things (IoT)? Then installed base information becomes even more critical. The Installed Base App provides the “home” and context for the data and diagnostics that will be generated by the product itself.

Embedded within ServiceMax Field Service App – no separate app to download

Integrated experience with other ServiceMax Mobile features, such as calendar access and scheduling, work order management, parts management and contracts management

An intuitive product hierarchy for single screen access to location, condition and usage data for every product on site

Automatically download installed base and location data for all products on a work order

Instantly add one or many new products to the product tree

Update the hierarchy of locations, products and components with drag and drop capabilities

Easily search the entire installed base for an account and view installed products in the Account / Location / Product hierarchy via the product tree

Download installed base documents, videos, photos and more in any format

Filter using predefined criteria to find certain types of products, such as uninstalled or under contract

Record both products you manufacture as well as competitor products installed at your customer sites

View of asset performance and alerts from connected devices via Connected Field Service

Work online, or fully offline while disconnected from the Internet

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Why Installed Products Data is Crucial for Business and How ServiceMax Increases Visibility

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