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What Can Remote Triage Do For You?

Average cost per service visit
Potential reduction in service visits

Unnecessary service visits or “truck rolls“ are a major pain point for service organizations, negatively impacting productivity, costs and customer experience. Industry analysts estimate each truck roll can cost $1000. Analytical tools, however, have the potential to avoid unneeded service visits. According to TSIA, service organizations that are considered “pacesetters” have leveraged technology to eliminate the need for on-site dispatches 71% of the time. What’s more: these same tools can also make those necessary service visits more effective.

Remote Triage – Harness Service Data With AI to Reduce Truck Rolls
Remote Triage Powered

ServiceMax Remote Triage, Powered by Aquant

ServiceMax Remote Triage applies AI to historical service data to help service organizations identify cost-effective solutions and avoid unnecessary truck rolls. By guiding the user through a series of questions, Remote Triage determines solutions—consisting of actions and parts—that can be ranked on the basis of likelihood of success or cost-effectiveness, allowing dispatchers to apply their judgment and preferences. The work is embedded within the ServiceMax platform, capturing data on the completed job that can be utilized for machine learning and product quality purposes. This “closed loop” ensures that the solution improves with use and drives customer outcomes along the entire service delivery chain.

Remote Triage Screen

Features and Functionality of Remote Triage

  • Powerful AI engine analyzes structured and unstructured service data using Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Service data analyzed from multiple sources, including work orders, installed base, accounts, parts inventory, and machine logs
  • Uses machine learning to identify patterns leading to unnecessary truck rolls
  • UI and simple guided question-and-answer process requires no user training
  • Ranks solutions on the basis of cost-effectiveness and probability of success
  • Recommends parts associated with identified actions
  • Embedded in ServiceMax platform and can be invoked on cases, service requests, work orders, and installed products

When 3D Systems, a leading manufacturer of 3D printing equipment, turned to ServiceMax to track its installed base and manage its work order processes, it also chose to leverage remote triage capabilities to address growing pressures to improve equipment uptime. With more than 500 connected assets, they had a wealth of data to utilize. With ServiceMax remote triage, technicians can resolve the issue remotely and, if not, have a more accurate description of the problem and the parts needed before arriving on site.

The results speak for themselves:



Repeat Visits

Down Arrow39%

Repeat visits
Parts Usage

Down Arrow62%

Parts usage

3D Systems: Additive Manufacturing Leader Becomes More Efficient, Accurate, & Profitable with AI-Driven Insights

3D Systems results Read case study

“With artificial intelligence-driven insights, resolving customer challenges has become more efficient and accurate, ultimately driving improved service profitability.”

Mark Hessinger
VP, Global Customer Services, 3D Systems
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