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Maximize Uptime and Differentiate with Service

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ServiceMax & Salesforce teamed up to deliver the most complete field service offering for both resource-centric and asset-centric needs. This solution–Asset 360 for Salesforce—drives operational efficiency, asset uptime, and customer satisfaction with a 360-degree view of assets on the world’s #1 CRM platform. With better insight and tools, service leaders can shift to outcome-based strategies to propel their businesses forward.

ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce Field Service

Maximize Asset Performance & Differentiate with Service

Asset Data at Your Fingertips

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Installed base visibility and insights across the complete asset lifecycle are essential to the success of service organizations. Asset data such as the service history of as-maintained equipment and the hierarchy of subcomponents helps service agents and technicians resolve service calls and work orders quickly and efficiently. And the impact of asset data reaches beyond customer-facing teams. With Asset 360’s Asset Service Coverage, provide end customers and operators with visibility into their service coverage through a customer portal. This information is also key to achieving healthier contract margins and moving to outcome-as-a-service business models.

Asset Service Coverage across all personas (field technician, customer-facing teams, end customer)

Solutions to Maximize Uptime

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Equipment across all industries is becoming more complex while customer expectations of service are on the rise. It is more important than ever for service providers to know their installed base in the field. This information helps service teams deliver effective service, implement proactive service plans, and move to outcome-as-a-service offerings.

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Asset Timeline & Hierarchy

Leverage actionable asset insights to improve uptime and profitability

Poor visibility into asset history, including all past and future actions associated with an asset, can lead to missed upsell opportunities, increased leakage, redundant service visits, and reduced productivity for service teams. Asset Timeline provides a holistic view of all activities carried out on and planned for an asset. Available out of the box, this interactive visualization is instantly available for all users but can also be quickly adapted if needed.

Asset Timeline

  • View all major past and future events in the asset lifecycle on one interactive visualization
  • Provide visibility into asset data across your service teams
  • Interactive visualization with date ranges and filters
  • Improved decision-making, allowing your teams to become more efficient and proactive
  • Available out of the box and on mobile

Asset Hierarchy

  • Enable service teams to quickly find out how many assets are at a customer site, or what a customer’s contract coverage looks like for their assets
  • Improve upsell potential by enabling technicians to recognize assets in the field that are currently without contract coverage or maintained by the competition
  • Supports multi-level hierarchies and is fully searchable, and displays a tree view that is available for assets only, by location, and by account
  • Available out of the box and on mobile, requires no additional configuration, and can be accessed from any asset or related record
Product Screen Showing Asset Timeline and Hierarchy

Product Service Campaigns

Handle Recalls, Change Orders, and Run Campaigns into Your Installed Base

For manufacturers worldwide, product recalls and change orders are a fact of life and an expensive one at that. Without a powerful field change order solution as part of your field service software, your service team will be left with a lot of time-consuming legwork.

With ServiceMax Asset 360, just by following three prescribed steps, you can define remedial actions, quickly identify affected assets in your installed base, and automatically generate the desired delivery output such as work orders, return orders or cases. Product Service Campaigns also allow you to run upgrade campaigns into your installed base by generating Opportunities or Asset Notifications.

Using Salesforce native objects, Asset 360’s capabilities for managing product service campaigns in asset-centric scenarios enable you to efficiently execute recalls, equipment modifications, upgrades, sales pushes, and technical bulletins. This functionality significantly reduces change order-related costs and allows for complete traceability of your undertaken measures for compliance.

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