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Boost Field Technician Productivity and Utilization

Schedule and Dispatch Efficiently

Send the right field technicians and tooling to the right job. Utilize system-recommended resources based on skills, certifications, location, and availability. For high-volume work, continuously optimize schedules in real time. Access contractors as additional resources. Integrate with EAM, PM and other external systems for work demand visibility.

Execute Complex Work

Manage short-cycle and long-cycle work and projects with dependencies. Define and assign work to multi-person crews using a map and Gantt views. Create and manage shifts. Import project schedules into a user-friendly display to facilitate execution.

Track Installed Base

Give field workers access to as-maintained asset data. Provide workers with mobile insights into an asset’s service history, components, and other critical aspects of its "as-running configuration.

Schedule and Deploy

Get the right techs and crews to the right job—and enable them to execute efficiently.

Zinc Overview Admin Integration

Ensure your workforce follows safety protocols and create an audit trail.

Ensure Worker Safety & Compliance

Enhance Collaboration

Communicate securely and in real time. Send safety broadcasts and share prework requirements prior to workers’ arrival at site. Utilize hotlines and all-mode communication to securely access expertise across the organization.

Simplify Procedures

Modernize and update checklists. Create checklists for inspections, LOTO and other safety procedures. Adjust easily in line with changing safety protocols. Use branching to simplify process for workers.

Improve Reporting

Manage complex forms efficiently. Create advanced mobile forms with no code required. Adapt for your customer and regulatory audiences.

Increase Uptime, Revenue, and Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Admin Time

Accelerate closeout and invoice. Debrief digitally in the field. Capture signatures or approvals onsite immediately.

Increase Customer Collaboration

Maintain customer connection throughout the service cycle. Leverage a customer portal to track and communicate about ongoing work. Share service performance metrics.

Be More Proactive

Leverage connected field service. Integrate with IoT and APM systems for predictive maintenance. Add value to your analytical models with better service data.

Zinc Overview Admin Integration

Improve asset uptime and your connection to customers.

The Latest Resources for Power & Utilities Segments

ServiceMax for Power Generation


Changing patterns of electricity demand and supply are pressuring companies across power generation to “do more with less”: to improve productivity and reduce operations and maintenance costs while ensuring the safety of their technicians. Balancing these business outcomes cannot be achieved with today’s legacy software systems. ServiceMax helps power plant operators, service providers, and OEMs address a prevalent pain point in power generation service: orchestrating and completing complex work. Its asset and service management capabilities create value and drive outcomes across the service delivery chain, from providing an as-maintained system of record to finding the right crews for the job to equipping workers with the digital tools to get the job done.

Service Execution for Renewable Energy


Renewable energy growth is accelerating due to policy, technology, and cost advances. The intensifying growth of renewables poses problems for service execution. Keeping track of scheduling and dispatching workers safely and efficiently; ensuring offline capability; and making the most of IoT enabled insights are among the challenges facing OEMs, service providers, and operators of renewable energy assets. Fortunately, these challenges play to ServiceMax’s strength in complex service.

Service Execution for the Smart Grid


The electrical grid is becoming more and more complex due to the explosive growth of distributed “smart grid” assets such as smart meters, solar and distributed energy resources, batteries, and electric vehicle charging stations. OEMs, utilities, and service providers that develop, deploy, and service smart grid technology select ServiceMax for its leadership in complex and connected service execution.

ServiceMax for Utility Mobile Workforce Management


ServiceMax’s market-leading field service management solution ensures that utility workers are digitally-enabled workers. Integrations with critical utility applications optimize execution of both short cycle operations—emergency work, meter services, compliance jobs, maintenance and inspection—and long cycle operations, such as outage management, that encompass multiple days, tasks, and people.


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