GE Power is a world leader in power generation. Its innovative technologies and digital offerings make power more affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable across the globe. GE is supporting power generation throughout Europe with offices in 22 countries and nearly 100 GW of installed power, as well as numerous services centers, parts warehouses, and a global R&D center.  And that doesn’t just include the equipment to generate power; GE Power also provides services for its equipment.In order to manage the world’s largest installed base, a team of experts monitors thousands of power assets in real-time. With this team, which consists of 1500 field technicians and 500 contractor workers, GE Power Services Europe is essential to keeping the electricity flowing throughout the region.


GE Power


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"Thanks to the ServiceMax platform, we can share all the resources available in the region, not only the ones available locally, as well as have visibility on their utilisation."

Christophe Langevin
Director of Operations for Southern Europe
Customer Video: GE Power Services - France


Long term staffing is extremely vital to GE Power Services. In Europe, the teams had been using a variety of systems in silos. They wanted to move to a centralized system.

The team needed to share resources at a European level, provide their dispatchers and management with visibility on all resources available in the region, not just the ones available locally. They needed more visibility into utilization to enable teams to improve performance.

GE Power Services wanted to move away from manual scheduling and dispatch in order to optimize resource utilization. The business knew a centralized system could create greater efficiencies in planning their technicians’ work, improve their effectiveness on the job, and create a powerful, global view. 


After the Alstom integration, GE Power Services - Europe completed transition to ServiceMax in only 4 months, a very short time to combine teams, retire the older tools, and successfully integrate with the capabilities of the new tool, while bringing 3000 people into the same ServiceMax system.

The platform made the teams more structured and thus enabled management to implement a unique, global solution which truly answers their needs.

They saw changes at an operational level; in the daily management of work orders. To dispatch to the sites, they use a user-friendly Dispatch Console with one unified screen including both the requests for resources and all available resources.


GE Power Service Europe saw great improvements in the ability to dispatch across the region. They increased the rate of international dispatch, where they deployed skilled technicans from one country, to another, by 2 and a half times. This powerful new capability was also supported by the easy extraction of data. Today, the team can quickly access utilization rates, request rates, and enable adaptation of team structures, allowing them to have a full and complete vision of our activities at a European and Global level.

After two years of using the platform, they saw that, at a European level, the utilization rate has increased by 5%. This is the equivalent to gaining €6 Million per year.