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In order to continue delivering great service quality, DISH field teams needed a way to get instant answers from experts while in the field. Learn how DISH teams are leveraging Zinc's All Mode Communication Platform to solve customer problems more efficiently than ever before, as well as boost employee engagement.

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ServiceMax's Professional Services


ServiceMax's Professional Services offers a broad range of customizable services, project management capabilities, and advanced toolsets that support a customer on their journey to plan, implement, adopt, maintain or grow their ServiceMax solution. Professional Services connects the dots between your business processes, your desired outcomes and the ServiceMax product functionality to provide an optimized service execution management business.

Service Execution Management for Facilities


The challenge to continually improve margins and the promise of long term, more profitable client relationships drives facility management companies to move on from an operational role to becoming a strategic partner. At the same time Facility Management (FM) professionals battle with a multitude of inefficient systems that fail to provide the necessary visibility and accountability and that are responsible for billions of dollars wasted in facility management every year. Companies in the FM industry need to improve their processes and close functional gaps in their systems to grow margins, satisfy their customers, and realize productivity gains for their mobile workers.

The Rise of Asset & Service Data Gravity in Oil & Gas


71% of IT and field service leaders in Oil & Gas believe that a move to more servitized or outcome-based business models will significantly enhance the way their industry operates.

Transforming Field Service with Workflow Automation


Over half of all field service providers rely on manual processes to manage the bulk of their service tasks; with 90% of service technicians feeling paper-based processes negatively impact their job performance. What if you could increase the efficiency of your field service teams by automating critical workflows and paperwork to increase customer satisfaction? View this webinar to learn how ServiceMax Document Generation (powered by Nintex) can transform your organization with Field Service Management powered with process automation.

From Grease to Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation


Download the Forrester Executive Summary to discover how: The digitalization of industrial services requires new skills and mixed labor models will shape the future of talent sourcing; the focus on digital transformation has placed companies’ attention on harnessing equipment data for insights, exploring new business models, and implementing digital technologies; companies aim to better understand the lifetime of their equipment, how to improve it and how to impact customer satisfaction and business revenue.

Announcing 200 Million Assets Under Management by ServiceMax
Announcing 200 Million Assets Under Management by ServiceMax


ServiceMax reaches 200 million assets under management. From jet engines to medical and gym equipment, customers around the globe rely on ServiceMax’s software platform to accurately maintain data about their assets, as-maintained.