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Case Study


PAC chose ServiceMax to continually build upon their strength in customer support using a Field Service Management platform that added value to their customers now and into the future.

White Paper
Enterprise Architecture Brief: Servicemax Organization and Integration Strategy


Selecting an organization strategy is cornerstone to building your long-term ServiceMax enterprise architecture. It is one of the most foundational and architecturally significant choices that must be made – this decision will impact all future ServiceMax initiatives and designs.

ServiceMax for Life Sciences and Medical Equipment Manufacturers


Human lives and wellness depend on medical equipment uptime. A malfunction or unscheduled downtime can lead to treatment delays, penalties to the service organization, or in the worst case, harm to a patient. Field service teams of Life Sciences and Medical Equipment manufacturers are under pressure to not only staff highly certified engineers but also ensure that the right engineers deliver timely and compliant equipment maintenance. In an era of shrinking product margins, many companies are finding service to be a competitive differentiator. It can open doors to longer contracts, larger upsells, and deeper customer relationships.

Unplanned Downtime Reaching Its Tipping Point


Unplanned Downtime cost companies an average $2m over the last 3 years

Reinvent Services Today: A Call To Action For Industrial Manufacturers


In the last two years, 30 companies in Technology Services Industry Association's (TSIA)’s Industrial Equipment (IE) index have lost more than 20% of their overall revenues, and average service margins for these companies are lower than product margins. John Ragsdale at TSIA and Micki Collart at ServiceMax discuss the key capabilities, such as connected products and analytics that are needed to reinvent service offerings that customers will pay for. They also take a deep dive into practical tactics to enable new services at the right cost.

The New Standard of Facility Management


Today’s facility manager must juggle an array of responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory standards. Using older manual and paper-based processes to maintain aging assets and infrastructure while trying to cut costs can be a difficult challenge. Find out how digital tools can help improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce errors in this eBook from ProntoForms and ServceMax from GE Digital. “The New Standard of Facility Management” examines how mobile data collection platforms, including intuitive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, empower facility manager professionals to tackle the challenges facing today’s industry.

ServiceMax Customer Story: Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Turbomachinery Services
Customer Story: Baker Hughes, a GE company, Turbomachinery Services


Baker Hughes, a GE company is a full stream business, covering every segment of the oil and gas industry. Their upstream, midstream, and downstream solutions are utilized in over 120 countries and are helping customers leave a smaller environmental footprint. BHGE’s digital industrial mindset focuses on bringing safer, more affordable energy not only to their customers, but to the entire world.