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Case Study
GE Power


  • Oil & Energy
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GE Power is a world leader in its industry and provides almost one-third of the world’s power generation capacity. And that doesn’t just include the equipment to power it; GE Power also provides services for its equipment. Their team of experts monitors thousands of power assets in real-time.

White Paper
Accelerate Your Field Service Outcomes with Mobility


Discover how service leaders can succeed better by expanding their understanding of the key drivers for field service mobility, the considerations for choosing the right field service mobile solution and the business benefits of a mobile-first strategy.

ServiceMax Customer Success Plans


When implementing a new business solution, you want assurances that responses are timely, customer care is attentive, and, most importantly, the support quality is consistent. You want in-house experts with decades of experience who deliver training and support to make sure that ServiceMax’s implementation is a success for your organization.

The Rise of Asset & Service Data Gravity in Oil & Gas


71% of IT and field service leaders in Oil & Gas believe that a move to more servitized or outcome-based business models will significantly enhance the way their industry operates.

Augmented Reality For Service Technicians: Faster Execution With Visual Assistance


Scaling the workforce is a real challenge that service organizations are facing today. While experienced workers are retiring, it is increasingly challenging to attract the younger generation and on-board them with the right skills quickly. The solution is to leverage the deep experience of older workforce to coach the younger field technicians by leveraging proven digital technologies like AR and live visual assistance - so that you can be more competitive, ensure high profitability and deliver a stellar customer experience.

Rethinking Telematics: A Field Guide to Integrating Telematics in ServiceMax


Field service technicians worldwide rely on fleet vehicles to get to their job sites, and service organizations spend billions each year to improve fleet management with telematics. This eBook explores how to integrate your telematics solutions with ServiceMax using a Location of Things (LoT) platform such as MapAnything, and provides you with a step-by-step guide to success.

Customer Video: Schneider Electric
Customer Video: Schneider Electric


  • Oil & Energy

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. ServiceMax has been deployed in 80+ countries and is being used today by more than 8000 end users. They have 1000 sales specialists fully dedicated to service, more than 4000 field service technicians, 3000 users in customer care centers with access to install base knowledge and more than 8 million assets have been qualified to be monetized.