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GE Power


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GE Power is a world leader in its industry and provides almost one-third of the world’s power generation capacity. And that doesn’t just include the equipment to power it; GE Power also provides services for its equipment. Their team of experts monitors thousands of power assets in real-time.

White Paper
Accelerate Your Field Service Outcomes with Mobility


Discover how service leaders can succeed better by expanding their understanding of the key drivers for field service mobility, the considerations for choosing the right field service mobile solution and the business benefits of a mobile-first strategy.

ServiceMax Asset Service Management for the Digital Oilfield


The term ‘digital oilfield’ is used to describe the vision of real-time asset management for optimal oil and gas production and field management. Many oil and gas operating companies, large and small, have taken the initial steps to instrument and automate wellsites for remote monitoring and control. This has enabled them to analyze and visualize field production data to make decisions that optimize well and fieldwide performance. While these steps are necessary, they are not enough to completely realize the vision of a truly digital oilfield. The remaining steps include incorporating the ability to respond to events in real-time that require human intervention. Such examples may include responding to an unexpected drop in production, a spill risk, an erratic tubing or casing pressure measurement reading, hydrate buildup, or a poorly functioning regulator.

The Rise of Asset & Service Data Gravity in Oil & Gas


71% of IT and field service leaders in Oil & Gas believe that a move to more servitized or outcome-based business models will significantly enhance the way their industry operates.

Optimizing Service Delivery For Asset Operators


Whether you are in the business of running a power plant, developing an oil field or operating a fleet of aircraft, mission critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital service execution, companies provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators.

Preventing Unplanned Downtime Through Predictive Maintenance


Asset-centric field service organizations need to be proactive. Car owners are familiar with the concept of manufacturer-recommended maintenance. You change the oil every 3,000 miles with the expectation of reliability and peace of mind. The same holds true in the context of industrial and medical equipment. To encourage regular upkeep, many service organizations offer maintenance plans to help avoid costly and disruptive emergency repairs. In addition, customers expect improved uptime from properly maintained equipment and assets. While preventative maintenance visits are critical to keeping customers happy, taking a proactive approach to maintenance is the future

ServiceMax Asset Service Management
ServiceMax Asset Service Management