Rail Safety has been the focus for commuter railroads since the Regulatory Rail Improvement act was created. Corresponding regulations developed by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) have since required railroads to install and implement an interoperable Positive Train Control (PTC) system inclusive of configuration and asset management software to help maintain the safety and integrity of the PTC system.

ServiceMax's railway management software functionality allows you to efficiently track asset configuration, manage workforce resources, and optimize daily track maintenance operations. Our field service management platform also includes Standards Guardian (SG)* and Hours of Service (HOS) to meet the FRA mandate for Positive Train Control (PTC).

*Equivalent Functionality
In Mean Time to Repair
In Technician Productivity
in Compliance Incidents
  • Easily manage the execution of testing, inspection, and maintenance for signals, track, and wayside assets
  • Paperless workforce optimization and collaboration for maximum efficiency, safety, and productivity
  • Follows regulatory guidelines for Positive Train Control (PTC) compliance
Product Highlights:
  • Configuration Management (CMS); Signal Test & Inspection (ST&I); Track inspection & Defect Remediation (TIDR) with Standards Guardian (SG) and Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Flexible, scalable, and trusted cloud-based solution
  • Maximized mobility online or offline with secure enterprise collaboration tools
ServiceMax Asset Service Management
ServiceMax Asset Service Management

ServiceMax is the global leader in Field Service Management that enables railroads to keep their assets and workforce efficient, safe, and running. Our customers achieve increased revenue and higher productivity with improved safety and compliance.

Field Service Management Includes

General Capabilities

  • Trouble ticketing / Work-order management system
  • Support daily maintenance operations of rail system
  • Ad hoc work-order creation and remediation
  • Configurable service/process flow engine
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tracking such as Attach Rate, Uptime, First-time Fix Rate, etc.
  • Dynamic Inspection & Checklist Management
  • Skillset, product expertise, territory-based job assignments
  • Serialized Asset & Location Tracking


Technical Capabilities

  • Proven robust, scalable, trusted and flexible cloud-based solution
  • Seamless integrations to CRM, ERP and industry-specific solutions
  • Secure access to information 24/7/365 via any device, from anywhere
  • Mobile application support on iOS, Android or Windows platforms
  • Work online, or fully offline while disconnected from the Internet
  • Integration to mapping applications to view real-time locations
  • Download report data to Microsoft Excel or Comma Separated Variable (CSV) formats


Location Configuration Management Capabilities

  • Single screen access to location hierarchy, condition and usage
  • Drag and drop hierarchy of locations and components
  • Search installed base and view installed products
  • Filter using predefined criteria


Work Order Management Capabilities

  • Automatically trigger work orders based on business rules
  • Generate planned maintenance work orders
  • Identify and diagnose product issues remotely
  • Provide contextual repair procedures for each connected device
  • Complete remote documentation using mobile field service application
  • Field Service management
  • Access pertinent information, or capture service data remotely, regardless of internet connectivity
  • Advanced data validation
  • Geospatial technician movement tracking
  • Dynamic creation of work orders, service reports based on business rules
  • Track and search inventory, including trunk stock
  • Add attachments via the native operating system including photos and videos


Dispatching Capabilities

  • Interactive and highly configurable dispatch console
  • Drag-and-drop work order assignments to field personnel
  • Ability to adjust work order criteria directly from the Dispatch Console
  • Find the right engineer for selected work orders based on territory, certification or proximity
  • View alerts for work orders that are in jeopardy status
  • Find technicians and engineers using multiple qualification criteria
  • Assign multiple technicians, engineers or service teams to a job/work order
  • Set up pre-defined rules to automatically assign field workers based on skills, expertise levels, proximity to the job, and driving distances to work orders
  • Event scheduling that breaks down each job by drive time, work time, breaks, etc.
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Configure which transactional data to analyze
  • Manage different calculation methods for different departments, regions, work order types, service teams and more
  • Pre-defined reports and pre-built dashboards
  • Define and setup reports for any type of functional entity
  • Create and customize dashboards
  • Grant permissions and access control to any report or dashboard
  • Customize reports with simple and effective, drag and drop, preview and filtering options


Installed Asset Management

Track and manage installed assets across various locations

  • Supports a 2-Ievel hierarchy (parent/child)
  • Create a new installed product from an existing defined location
  • Activate related warranties or service contracts to the installed products
  • Configure additional fields on the Installed Product object
  • Configure parts swap of defective serialized unit as part of Work Order debrief process

Work Order Management

Plan, assign, execute and manage service events for field service activities

  • Notification of new Work Order assignments
  • Notification upon Work Order reassignment
  • Notification of critical Work Order assignment
  • Configure Service Quote functionality on Work Order
  • Configure debrief process to capture parts, labor, expense and travel
  • Configure Work Order SLA Clocks

Interactive Dispatch

View availability and skills to interactively assign work orders

  • Configure Service Teams, Technician/ Equipment, Skills and Expertise
  • Configure calendar functionality for individual Field Service Engineers and third-party providers
  • Configure color schemes based on Work Order priority
  • Configure Multi Criteria Technician Match (MCTM) rules
  • Configure dispatch console search criteria based on skills, location and product

Schedule Optimization

Optimization for:

  • Skills
  • Availability
  • Routes
  • Constraints
  • Business objectives
  • Resources recommendation

Parts Management

Reduce inventory cost

  • Parts inventory with trunk stock management
  • Locate, transfer, and consume parts on the go
  • RMA support
  • Auto-replenishment of stock
  • Accurate reports for inventory planning and audits

Secure Real-Time Communication

Improve workforce effectiveness & customer experience

All modes of communication
  • 1:1 and group messaging, voice, video, content sharing, hotlines, and top-down broadcasts
Secure and compliant
  • Replace rogue consumer app usage
Communication insights
  • Gain visibility, drive employee performance, and inform staffing needs


  • Minimize risk by recording compliance data
  • Complete return to service check
  • Enforce consistent service flow
  • Use for inspections, surveys, and data collection

Complex Jobs

Working with crews, shifts, and dependencies

  • Quickly assemble and save crews
  • Schedule multi-visit work as a single job
  • Assign crews and technicians to shifts
  • Deliver real-time notifications to crews and dispatchers

Mobile Experience

HTML5-based application that is specifically designed for the Iarge form factor of tablets and laptops and runs on iOS, Android, & Windows

  • Manage updates to Installation, Preventive Maintenance and Break-fix Work Orders
  • Enable Product Chatter to view & share product information
  • Enable GPS location tracking services
  • Print Service Report with Wi-Fi enabled printers
  • Capture Customer Signatures
  • View service manuals for Signal Maintainers


Never give service away for free

  • Mobile entitlements & contract-based pricing
  • Service contract lifecycle management
  • Service quotes and estimates
  • Automatic pro-forma invoice creation

Proactive Maintenance

Smart plans to deliver the right service at the right time

  • Create and tailor plans for automatic maintenance
  • Deploy reusable task and parts lists across Preventive Maintenance plans
  • Create plans by location or asset
  • Automate work order and case creation
  • Auto-assign work to technicians or crews

Signal Test & Inspection

  • Search and view Inspections by region, subdivision, MP range, territory, type, frequency, etc., and view online (HTML) or view and download as PDF (official record)
  • Creation of custom Signal Instruction (non-FRA) test and inspections
  • Add custom test questions to existing tests

Track & Bridge Tests

  • Create Track Fixed Asset Inspections (Switches, Joints, Movable Bridges)
  • Search and view Inspections by region, subdivision, MP range, territory, type, etc.
  • View inspections in online (HTML) format, or view and download as PDF (official record)
  • View To-Do lists to prompt inspections

Configuration Management System (CMS)

  • Standards Guardian – Enforcement of equipment Service Bulletins, Safety Critical Bulletins, and Railroad Standards
  • Software Management System – Repository for Vital and Non-vital application software

Hours of Service (HOS)

  • HOS is a 49CFR-228 compliant electronic record system with Signal Employees HOS, Train Crew HOS records for freight and transit, Dispatcher HOS Records
  • Violations are identified, with supervisor escalation/review/comments
  • Real-time access to rest status and staff availability
  • Provides a repository for electronic auditing, with access controls for regulatory review

Dashboards & KPIs

The metrics to measure and grow your service business

  • 90+ pre-built reports and dashboards
  • Configurable metrics, dashboards, and reports
  • Service audit trail
  • Pre-build service performance metrics
  • Communication insights

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