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Reduce Time to Service 37% with Zinc Intelligent Remote Service

ServiceMax Zinc connects technicians in real time with the people and information needed to confidently get the job done quickly and correctly, allowing organizations to reduce mean time to repair, boost customer satisfaction and improve employee engagement.

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  • 37%

    Reduction in
    time to service

  • 13%

    Reduction in
    repeat visits

Instead of turning to non-compliant consumer apps, service teams can now turn to a powerful, yet easy to use, remote service platform that is purpose-built for their needs: ServiceMax Zinc. With Zinc, knowledge and information move efficiently through the field organization and support departments, allowing organizations to drive key metrics and deliver exceptional service to customers.


Zinc Intelligent Remote Service

Efficient service resolution is a key success indicator for you and your customers. To power efficient service resolution, your technicians need to connect with the people and information that can help them solve issues quickly. This includes having a way to receive the right knowledge at the right time, right away.

Zinc’s Remote Service capabilities provide the intelligence needed for headquarters to effectively support field technicians. Zinc makes it easy to communicate information to the entire company, facilitate connections and sharing among field engineers and maintenance workers, and deliver immediate visibility for management into what’s happening on the front lines.

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Team Communication

When technicians are in the field, they need instant access to information, resources and people to succeed. Zinc’s powerful remote service features allow teams to communicate 1:1 and in groups using text, voice, video and photo annotation, content sharing and location sharing. Group conversations provide a flexible way for information to flow freely across the organization. Conversations can be connected to ServiceMax and Salesforce objects, allowing for fast and seamless discussion to happen within the context of a work order, installed product, case, contract and more. With a highly intuitive user experience, technicians easily troubleshoot in a 1:1 video call, join a team conference call with one tap, send their location to find a part nearby, and much more.

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Zinc Team Communication
Now with video annotation!


Corporate teams often struggle to share information with the field workforce. Whether it's a video message from the CEO, a new operating procedure or a safety alert, Broadcasts disseminate information in real time to your technicians’ mobile devices. These alerts fill the screen, requiring technicians to interact with the message to continue in the app. Broadcasts can be targeted to a specific group of employees based on a variety of factors, such as group membership, department, location, work skills, and role. All Broadcast interactions are tracked to give managers insight into who has read and engaged with the content.

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Zinc Broadcast Communication


When technicians need help on a specific problem or help from someone in a specific role, such as a dispatcher, Hotline Groups connect them to the right expert instantly. Upon messaging their request into a Hotline Group, experts are notified that a new request needs their attention. This unique functionality allows teams to reduce the noise level in their group messaging channels while also bypassing long call center queues and email exchanges. Each request is tracked from start to finish, allowing management to measure resolution times, quality of internal service, and adapt Hotline staffing to changing demands.

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Zinc Hotline Communication

Communication Analytics

Information flows throughout the organization in many different modes. Hidden in these communication threads are answers to possible inefficiencies, weaknesses and information gaps, such as the need for more training or business process improvements. With communication analytics, service leaders can finally see how their organization communicates — the who, what, when and why. View usage data, access communication maps, identify which regions or groups are communicating better, and ultimately correlate these patterns with your most important business metrics.

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Zinc Communication Analytics

Administration & Integrations

The Admin Console lets administrators manage users and groups, set user roles and permissions, choose custom data retention settings and schedule Broadcasts. Integrations into directory systems allow you to onboard users quickly and painlessly, and integrations into content and workflow systems create a seamless experience for employees. With quick implementation and easy administration, service teams get immediate time-to-value, all while being assured of enterprise-grade security and compliance.

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Zinc Administration & Integrations

ServiceMax Zinc Intelligent Remote Service Software

Guaranteed security, privacy and compliance


  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Customer Data Security
  • Data Center Security
  • Application Security
  • Business Continuity and Reliability


  • Data Ownership
  • Custom Data Storage and Deletion
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SSO and SAML 2.0

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DISH Enlists Zinc to Optimize the Customer Experience

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