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Capture Asset Data Throughout the Rental Lifecycle

FX Rental is a fit-for-purpose module that provides a seamless experience from the warehouse to the field to the back office, capturing asset and consumable data throughout the rental lifecycle.

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Centralized Data
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FX Rental Houses Asset Data to Create a Single Source of Truth for All Parties Involved

  • Track items on a job—picked, reserved, fulfilled, delivered, and returned
  • Build pick sheets for necessary items in the warehouse
  • Distribute serialized and stock items to jobs and scan barcodes for quick selection
  • Create delivery tickets directly from the pick sheet
  • View items on rent, off rent, and on standby in a single color-coded view
  • Leverage data for strategic reporting

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The Rental Lifecycle

Job Resources

Track requested items throughout a job, such as picked quantity, reserve quantity, current fulfillment, and quantity delivered and returned.

Equipment Billing

As items are delivered and put on rent, the Equipment Billing screen allows you to update the rental status of each asset. Colored coded statuses of on rent, off rent, and standby are segmented by day and deliver a synopsis of all rental equipment at a glance.


By collecting data in FieldFX and FX Rental, your data becomes centralized and actionable. Create reports for assets on location, profit margin, utilization, upcoming deliveries, returns, and pending outstanding orders. Segment your reports by job, region, or even globally to run the business more strategically.

Pick Sheet Builder

Build pick sheets to select the necessary items for the warehouse. You can send pick sheets straight to the warehouse or plan for future jobs by saving multiple weeks out.

Pick Sheets

View which serialized and stock items you need for a specific job and scan barcodes for quick selection directly from your device—whether on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Warehouse quantities are updated in real-time as you add items to the pick sheet. Once items are selected and staged, create a delivery ticket with a single touch of a button.

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FX Rental: Capturing Asset Data Throughout the Rental Lifecycle

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FieldFX: The Complete Mobile Field Operations Management Solution

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