Our Security Imperatives

Three imperatives guide how ServiceMax Approaches Security

Security-First Mindset

ServiceMax adheres to the concept of “Secure-by-Design.” Every new product and new release, as well as new internal processes, procedures and technology adoptions go through secure design considerations and threat analysis to ensure security before deployment.


ServiceMax is designed for “defense-in-depth” across infrastructure, platform, software, and communication layers for delivering positive digital industrial outcomes.


ServiceMax strives to continuously monitor for anomalies across its Security and Operations environments. Continuous and proactive testing, and ability to respond and recover quickly ensures minimal disruption.

Cloud Security Shared Responsibility Model

With the adoption of SaaS solutions such as ServiceMax, the responsibility for managing access, securing data, applications, and infrastructure falls less in the hands of the enterprise and more into the hands of the service provider. However, regardless of the platform used, the enterprise will always be responsible for some elements of security such as access control, data security, and so forth. Please visit our Cloud Security Shared Responsibility page to learn more about where your responsibilities lie as a ServiceMax customer. Understanding this concept is even more important for customers who subscribe to the ServiceMax Field Service Management product suite that sits on the Salesforce platform given Salesforce’s responsibility for the infrastructure and platform.

The Cyber Security and Resiliency Cycle

We believe that Cyber Security and Resiliency go hand-in-hand. One is a more pro-active approach while the other ensures the organization can react and recover quickly. Both are critical to our Customers’ success on our platform.

Cyber Security and Resiliency