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ServiceMax Field Service Management solution helps original equipment manufacturers and service providers to execute the entire service delivery process with differentiated services that drive new sources of revenue and greater efficiencies, as well as higher customer loyalty and overall market differentiation.

New Generation of ServiceMax Field Service Management

We believe that pushing the envelope on innovation not only leads to higher service efficiency and better customer experience, but also positions service organizations strongly in an increasingly competitive market. Delivering on our long-standing commitment to service innovation and thought leadership, ServiceMax is excited to introduce the next generation field service solution! This release provides technicians with new levels of autonomy, empowers dispatchers to be much more effective at their work, and offers capabilities needed to tackle jobs of any complexity.

ServiceMax technical autonomy

Technician Autonomy

Technicians are the face of the service brand and need to be self-reliant in the field. To reach their potential, both in-house and third-party technicians need to make independent work decisions on their mobile device of choice, which is usually a larger, powerful mobile phone. ServiceMax FSM 18.3 delivers a consumer-style, modern, and feature rich ServiceMax phone app that allows technicians to plan their work, execute it efficiently and communicate with the customer and the back office. It provides a highly intuitive user experience, multiple work views, crew-based functionality, real-time push notifications, and a highly reliable and seamless offline synchronization.

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ServiceMax Scheduler Empowerment

Dispatcher Empowerment

Service organizations are constantly looking to empower dispatchers with better decision-making tools so that they can focus on strategic aspects of their work, such as customer facing tasks, unexpected changes, and escalations. ServiceMax FSM 18.3 introduces multiple Assisted Dispatch and Scheduling features via the new Service Board, which delivers a wealth of new capabilities, an intuitive UI, and significant performance improvements.

Service Board empowers dispatchers to get all the information they need, zoom-in on relevant data, and make business decisions with confidence. It’s capabilities include enhanced map layers with intuitive toggling, intelligent resource recommendations, powerful contextual search, tracking technician locations, personalized job/resource views, real-time job notifications, drive-time estimates, ranked appointment booking, and recurring events.

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Complex work execution

As service organizations look towards expanding their service offerings, they need to cater to complex work that can spans multiple technicians, days, skills and dependencies. This requires additional planning capabilities for the dispatcher. Recognizing this market need, ServiceMax FSM 18.3 delivers several compelling features for dispatchers to assign work orders to technicians or crews for short-term or more complex jobs respectively. The features include shift management, multi-assigned jobs, and crew management.

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ServiceMax Drives Revenue, Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

As service operations become more connected through mobile, cloud, and IoT, technicians in the field will play an even more integral role in driving the customer experience, growth, and productivity.

ServiceMax Field Service Management

ServiceMax is the leader in Field Service Management. Our solution enables organizations to drive new sources of revenue, increase efficiencies in their service operations, and expand both customer satisfaction and overall market differentiation.

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