The foundation of ServiceMax is our core technology– unique engines designed to power all field service delivery processes handled by our application logic on any level of scale and complexity.

Optimisation Engine

An intelligent, self-learning engine that creates the most effective schedule in real-time based on your specified business outcomes, such as costs, service levels and drive times. You deliver exceptional customer experience every time by sending the right worker to the right job.

Entitlements Engine

Fully automated rules based engine guarantees that crucial contracts and warranty data is accurate, available everywhere, and visible to the correct parties all throughout the service delivery lifecycle.

Service Flow Engine

Our unique business workflow engine ensures progression of your service delivery process consistently from office to field, while adapting to your evolving business needs through flexible configuration.

Mobile, Offline and Sync Engine

Engaging mobile app - available on iOS, Android or Windows - built with field engineers in mind, so that they can be productive from anywhere and anytime. Exceptional contextual data offline access ensures that engineers can always access critical information and sync up work order data. Industry leading sync engine with more than 1M syncs a day.

Reporting Engine

Essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Attach Rate, Contract Uptime, First-time Fix Rate and more for capturing actionable insights and measuring your success. The highly configurable metrics engine empowers you to view and analyse metrics in a way that fits your business.


Key technology enablers that makes ServiceMax an industry leading enterprise grade platform for transforming field service management.

Cloud & Mobile Based

Industry first cloud-only Field Service Management provider - delivered as a single version of truth across mobile and desktop - so that you maintain focus on what's really important—profitability. No more high capital expenditures.

Enterprise Grade Security

Out-of-the-box security delivered on top of the Salesforce platform. ServiceMax stays ahead of the security curve by relying on the most up-to-date Transport Layer Security (TLS) for both authentication and encryption. Unique organisation identifiers per session ensure granular access.


Seamless integrations to CRM, ERP and industry-specific solutions to gain the most value from your applications stack. The first field service management solution with productised integrations to industrial IoT for remote, predictive and proactive service delivery.

Built on the Salesforce platform

Built as an application on the Salesforce platform, ServiceMax seamlessly integrates with both CRM and Service Cloud applications and delivers secure access to your information 24/7/365 on any device, from anywhere.

Thriving Marketplace

An extensible layer of plug-and-play capabilities on top of ServiceMax platform to address your unique business needs. Our 100+ partners strong marketplace covers integration with ERP/Accounting, Documents, Fleet management, Forecasting and modeling, mobile payments solutions and more.

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