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Service Operational Checklist

This 5 minute checklist determines if you really are covering all the bases and provides insight into areas of your field service strategy that need improvement. Simply click the boxes to answer yes: the more boxes ticked the better, but make sure that you’re honest so that you can truly identify those areas that need more work.

The SOC is free of charge. Doing the online self-assessment takes 5 minutes.


The Service Operational Checklist is meant for Service Leaders looking for a quick scan to identify improvement/ focus areas for their service operation.


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Service Operational Checklist

Field Service Effect Calculator

This 5-minute value calculator will ask simple questions related to the performance of your service organization. It will then apply those benefits against achievements seen by our customers after the adoption of ServiceMax Field Service Management Software; resulting in an output of potential gains for your organization. Knowing your capacity for improvement is key to driving adoption of technology that will ensure your organization is best-in-class well into the future.

The FSEC is free of charge. Doing the online self-assessment takes 5 minutes.


The FSE Calculator is meant for Service Leaders and his/ her peers in adjacent domains to define a ball park value figure combining your data and average improvement data from the ServiceMax customer survey.

  • Login to: https://fse.servicemax.com/
  • Fill in 13 data points
  • Generate report
  • Contact your ServiceMax representative to provide more details.

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Digital Field Service Effect Calculator

Field Service Maturity Assessment

ServiceMax’s Maturity Assessment tool brings the intuition about your field service performance, together with an objective analysis of your position amongst industry leaders. It takes a straightforward approach to help you develop the right priorities for process improvement, in key areas such as customer satisfaction, utilization and cost controls.

Have your FTF, Leakage and SLA Attainment percentages at hand. With that, you’ll be just minutes away from assessing your business.

The online self-assessment takes about 30 minutes.


The Maturity Assessment Tool is meant for Service Leaders and his/ her peers in adjacent domains to get a common understanding of the service business function and its improvement potential.

  • Login to: https://mat.servicemax.com/
  • In 22 dimensions you enter your “gut feeling” and answer guided questions.
  • You can revisit the assessment multiple times and also share with colleagues for additional input.
  • You can omit non applicable dimensions.
  • Compare your output with industry specific benchmark data from over 500 samples.

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ServiceMax Maturity Assessment Tool

Field Service Manual

ServiceMax has produced the Field Service Manual Glossary to help Field Service novice and others navigate the specialist terms and multiple abbreviations commonly used in the FSM (Field Service Management) domain.

We hope you will find that guide useful. If we are missing a term you would find helpful, please feel free to email us here : marketing.servicemax@ge.com.

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Field Service Manual