For some service organizations, potential implementation costs and risks can be a barrier to adoption of a modern field service management solution. Fear of—or prior experience with—failed rollouts, expenses exceeding budgets, or prolonged time to value can all play a role. ServiceMax recognizes the need for a lower-cost, lower-risk path to “get started” and show quick results with core functionality before considering additional product features. That’s why we’ve created Spark for ServiceMax Core customers.

What is Spark?

Using a fixed-scope, fixed-price approach, the Spark package provides you with key ServiceMax functionality and is designed for fast implementation and time to value. The functional scope of Spark is especially suited to companies that have outgrown manual processes and are seeking to improve their field service execution. Spark gives companies the “guardrails” of prescribed processes, enabling an efficient implementation. As your implementation progresses, you’ll be able to incorporate additional functionality at your own pace.

Key Spark features include:

  • Preconfigured workflows based on industry best practices, adaptable to specific requirements
  • Accelerator package with defined integration scenarios
  • Implementation methodology purpose-built for field service (MaxApproach)

Important Spark benefits include:

  • Greater cost certainty
  • Lower rollout risk
  • Accelerated time to value
  • Standardized processes across your organization
  • Adoption of industry best practices

What do I get with Spark?

Spark’s fixed scope allows you access to core ServiceMax business functions in order to:

  • Manage installed base and parts
  • Assign tickets and work orders, and
  • Manage, track and enforce entitlements
  • Outsource work to 3rd party resources
  • Empower your technicians with a consumer-grade app and real-time communication
  • Implement preventative maintenance plans
  • Utilize work and safety checklists
  • Leverage over 90 prebuilt dashboards and reports to track service perfomance metrics

ServiceMax Spark also includes access to our support resources, user community, and web-based training for your field service workforce.

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