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Extend the life of assets in the field, grow contract value, and improve customer satisfaction

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What is the impact of a proactive service organization?


ServiceMax helps you extend the life of assets in the field, grow contract value, and improve customer satisfaction. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer increases service revenue by 25%* and improves equipment uptime by 12%.

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Proactive Maintenance Simplified

See How 3D Systems Uses ServiceMax to Ensure
Equipment Uptime

3D Systems faced an increasingly complex business environment and needed to update their Field Service Management solution. Customers demanded guaranteed uptime, so the service team needed to evolve their maintenance strategy to be proactive and even predictive. See this story to learn how 3D Systems maximized asset uptime and reduced repeat service visits with IoT and AI.

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Preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Smarter plans to deliver the right service at the right time

Preventive maintenance is evolving. It’s not just about scheduling the same work every month to prevent failure anymore. Today, working smarter with better information about equipment condition is critical to ensure maintenance is effective. With ServiceMax, you get the best in preventive maintenance management from automated time-based work order creation to full condition-based plans that allow you to right-size your maintenance work, lower costs, and extend the life of your assets.

Preventive maintenance
Connected Field Service Customer Case Study - Elekta

Solution to Guarantee
Equipment Uptime

See how Elekta extends uptime of lifesaving equipment

For medical equipment industry, uptime is key. Elekta builds and maintains lifesaving equipment for cancer and brain disorders. To deliver more consistent uptime, and to improve patient outcomes, the company embarked on the Connected Field Service journey. Its goal is to achieve more uninterrupted uptime, faster remote resolution, more predictive service.

Connected field service

Connected Field Service

Proactive service for maximum uptime and remote service

Connected assets deliver unprecedented amounts of data about asset condition and performance. ServiceMax takes equipment analytics and recommendations to deliver more uptime while helping technicians minimize truck rolls and service equipment remotely.

ServiceMax delivers IoT connected service to enable remote diagnostics, efficient service, and accurate failure predictions. ServiceMax works with PTC ThingWorx, or any IoT or APM platform of your choice to deliver industry-leading connected service solutions.

Connected field service
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