ServiceMax Professional Services works with you to understand your business goals, quickly design a solution, roll out foundational modules, promote adoption and ensure the complete implementation is successful, repeatable, and scalable. We are here for the full lifecycle of your ServiceMax journey.

Our project implementation methodology is undergirded by these principles:
  • A best practice, business process-driven approach that enables measurement and tracking of key field service performance metrics;
  • A tailored implementation approach that balances size and complexity to reduce risk;
  • A foundation philosophy that allow room to grow as your business evolves;
  • A focus on maximizing your return on investment and lowering your total cost of ownership.

Our implementation methodology is scalable from small companies to large global enterprises, encompassing both internal service technicians and external contractors. Together with our certified implementation partners, our Professional Services team has deployed ServiceMax to hundreds of customers across dozens of industries around the globe. We support you through every stage of your service journey, including program governance, change management, implementation, integration, and education.

Your Customer Journey

At ServiceMax, we know that product leadership must be combined with excellent project execution to ensure our customers’ success. Our MaxApproach methodology, supported by a project management approach, ensures that deployments translate into meaningful, sustained usage across your organization—which then delivers your desired business outcomes. Our ongoing assistance, through field service assessments and administrative services, is a key industry differentiator that helps you manage your use of ServiceMax for business success.


Develop deployment strategy for initial build or adoption of region/module

  • Create governance structure and adoption strategies
  • Align on business requirements
  • Plan solution and sprint releases

Identify opportunities in existing and/or new geographies

  • Assess potential of new functionality and capabilities
  • Capture new solution requirements
  • Target new geographies for deployment

Fine-tune solution and monitor metrics to ensure success

  • Evaluate opportunities to optimize solution
  • Track project success metrics
  • Review effectiveness of prior stages

Drive and support user engagement and success

  • Host user feedback session using quantitative metrics
  • Review project success metrics
  • Develop “go forward” strategy

Tailor solution to meet specific requirements and outcomes

  • Configure and conduct validation reviews of application
  • Refine adoption strategies
  • Finalize test and training plans

Ensure application and all users are ready for project go-live

  • Conduct readiness assessment and test the application
  • Conduct user acceptance sessions


We understand the inherent complexities of implementing a field service management solution—we’ve been doing it for years. By utilizing the consultative strengths and domain expertise within our Professional Services team, the MaxApproach serves as the vehicle for realizing your vision. Its objective is to guide you on a path to sustained success, starting with a fast go-live and early wins. We work with you to understand your objectives, with a focus on measurable outcomes and with time-to-value “top of mind.” We design a repeatable, scalable solution that is configured to your requirements and based on service execution best practices. Our team prioritizes user acceptance, adoption, and ongoing learning as critical to ensuring implementation success.


The first interaction between the customer and ServiceMax Professional Services sets the tone for the success of the project. In this stage we introduce our methodology, communication, and education plans, and establish the project governance structure. Key activities include an onsite discovery session, solution and release planning and the business requirements signoff. The outcome is mutual alignment around requirements and metrics for success.


Using the release point framework and sprint cycles of the solution and release plan, ServiceMax begins requirement-specific configuration with the goal of demonstrating value quickly. Customers have the opportunity to begin testing and prepare for User Acceptance Testing in the next stage. Important outcomes include feature acceptance signoff and validation of the end user training materials.


Any successful rollout depends on thorough testing and training. This stage focuses on User Acceptance Training, System Integration Testing (as required), and end-user training. These lead to a finalized cut-over plan; migration to the production environment; and technical and business go-lives. Clients are introduced to Customer Support and Account Management contacts responsible for ongoing ServiceMax support.


At ServiceMax, being “customer obsessed” means being committed to ongoing adoption and success from using our solution. In this stage we conduct a project retrospective, review the change management plan, and establish how success metrics will be tracked. The Customer Account Management team closes out the stage with a review of ongoing enagements.


To ensure our solution’s value continues to grow for our customers, Professional Services monitors for opportunities to optimize. We also review the effectiveness of the Build, Rollout, and Adopt stages; explore opportunities arising from new functionality; and support deployment expansion into existing and new geographies.


ServiceMax Professional Services leverages deep subject matter expertise to ensure successful project implementations across a range of industries. We have extensive and proven experience across hundreds of customers worldwide. Our obsession with the implementation customer experience enables us to achieve quick time to value for organizations large and small. Each of our team members—from project managers and architects to configuration experts and developers—is a certified ServiceMax expert, ready to help you maximize your return on investment.


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