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Schneider Electric Bases Its Digital Transformation on Installed Base Data

With ServiceMax’s solution, Schneider Electric has vastly improved its installed base knowledge, and are now tracking 8 million serviceable assets, 5 time the assets they were tracking at the start of their journey. In 2016, for instance, they saw a huge revenue increase generated through capturing the installed base data and cross selling / upselling from that data and generated €65m additional won business.

ServiceMax is our backbone to fully digitalize our Field Service capabilities. The business transformation would not have happened if we did not have ServiceMax to enable it.

Jean-Pierre Samilo
Vice President of Digital Field Services, Schneider Electric
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Complete Installed Base Visibility is Foundational to Service Excellence

Accurate Installed Base data is central to the success of key service business stakeholders, primarily those responsible for

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Revenue & Growth
  • Service Delivery

There are many benefits from connecting your entire install base. The data collected can be used for preventive, predictive, and proactive support, which can drive down total service delivery costs. In addition, you will be able to effectively track adoption of your technology, gain insights on process optimization, and learn how to move the needle on targeted business outcomes.

TSIA Digital Transformation Maturity Model 2018
Installed Base Management

Installed Base Management

Critical Installed Base Visibility to All Relevant Stakeholders

Asset-intensive businesses succeed by maximizing the lifetime value of the equipment they operate, sell, and service. But it is a challenge for organizations to keep track of equipment history, location, and components when they are out on jobs.

You need a powerful, fast, and easy way to gain visibility into as-maintained equipment and one source of truth for the entire organization. ServiceMax Installed Base helps you instantly know what is actually on site and automatically provides you with the knowledge base you need for your appointment, even when there is no internet connectivity. As a result, your service delivery improves, resolution times shrink, and new revenue opportunities multiply.

Considering connecting products to the Internet of Things (IoT)? Then installed base information becomes even more critical. The Installed Base provides the “home” and context for the data and diagnostics that will be generated by the product itself.

Change Order Management

Change Order Management

Handle Field Change Orders (FCO) with Maximum Efficiency

Imagine that you have a massive recall or need to update the software on a particular set of assets. Without a powerful field change order solution as part of your field service software, your team will be doing a lot of time-consuming manual work. ServiceMax helps you instantly find a complete list of affected assets with their locations and status across your installed base. By leveraging an automated field change order workflow, work orders are then created automatically; and easily scheduled with distinctive color coding and notifications. This functionality significantly reduces change order-related costs and allows for complete traceability of your assets for compliance.

What’s more, while assigning jobs dispatchers are alerted if the asset on the work order or assets nearby are on the recall list.

Tablet with Cost to Serve analytics in front of a desktop monitor showing a dashboard of analytics data

Installed Base Analytics

Surface the Right Information for Asset-Centric Decision Making

Your service stakeholders are looking for greater insights from their assets to support strategic, commercial, and operational decision making. Insight into asset performance and history can support operational planning initiatives to support better resource efficiency and asset uptime. Information on asset coverage by service contracts can support new revenue initiatives, and overall cost-to-serve data can empower strategic decisions around asset disposal and replacement. Provide your service team with the right data at their fingertips.

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