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Maximize Uptime and Differentiate with Service

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ServiceMax & Salesforce teamed up to deliver the most complete field service offering for both resource-centric and asset-centric needs. This solution–Asset 360 for Salesforce—drives operational efficiency, asset uptime, and customer satisfaction with a 360-degree view of assets on the world’s #1 CRM platform. With better insight and tools, service leaders can shift to outcome-based strategies to propel their businesses forward.

ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce

Maximize Asset Performance & Differentiate with Service

Preventive Maintenance

Smarter maintenance plans

Customers depend on their assets to be running 24/7 and that puts pressure on your service organization. Many are moving from a reactive break-fix state to more proactive service models. These can be time-based, condition-based, or even predictive that rely on data from the machine itself that indicates when and how much service needs to be delivered.

To start on their preventive service journey, customers first need to understand their equipment and collect service data. ServiceMax's Asset 360 solution supports field service organizations on every step of their preventive and proactive service journey. Asset 360 makes asset data, technical attributes and service history available to service teams. This information helps them understand the type and frequency of service necessary for the equipment before it breaks down. With this knowledge, service leaders can create time-based and condition-based maintenance plans that deliver the right amount of service. These service contracts help organizations plan for recurring work and parts, increase revenue, and deliver higher uptime and satisfaction to their customers.

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Proactive and Predictive Maintenance with IoT

Guarantee uptime and customer outcomes

IoT sensors on equipment are becoming more common, offering the ability for field service organizations to deliver proactive and predictive service driven by IoT insights. IoT data is a powerful way for an asset to tell service providers when maintenance is needed. This opens the opportunity for equipment manufacturers to sell equipment outcomes and uptime, instead of break-fix service.

Asset 360 supports proactive and predictive maintenance with end-to-end IoT connectivity powered by Salesforce’s MuleSoft Platform. Your developers can connect and orchestrate data on IoT devices quickly by using MuleSoft’s APIs that feature open standards and prebuilt protocols. This data can be fed into Asset 360 to trigger maintenance work orders automatically for proactive and predictive maintenance.

Automate Maintenance Plan Creation with Templates

Preventive maintenance is essential for the health of an asset, and manufacturers worldwide offer a wide variety of maintenance plans to their customers. Depending on how many customers, assets, and options you have, the number of maintenance plans can balloon quickly. You can imagine that managing them manually can be very time consuming and error prone—and it is no way to scale a service business. In sync with Salesforce’s time-based, condition-based, and IoT-driven maintenance features, ServiceMax’s Asset 360 solution offers a templatized approach, so you don’t have to create every plan from scratch. Together, Salesforce and ServiceMax accelerate the journey from reactive to proactive business models for asset-centric businesses, ensure maximum uptime, and help you get the most from your assets.

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