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Self-Service Business Intelligence for Field Service

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ServiceMax & Salesforce teamed up to deliver the most complete field service offering for both resource-centric and asset-centric needs. This solution–Asset 360 for Salesforce—drives operational efficiency, asset uptime, and customer satisfaction with a 360-degree view of assets on the world’s #1 CRM platform. With better insight and tools, service leaders can shift to outcome-based strategies to propel their businesses forward.

ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce

Maximize Asset Performance & Differentiate with Service

Harness Your Field Service Data to Drive Operational Excellence

Self-service dashboards and reports for business users

To run a successful field service organization, you need data. Understanding key performance metrics and tracking them in real time is imperative to identifying strengths and improving weaknesses in your service operations. Modern field service solutions, like Asset 360, make data readily available for analysis, provide you with actionable insights, and empower you with comprehensive self-service capabilities.

The Asset 360 solution is built on native Salesforce objects. This provides a number of benefits, most notably that administrators can build powerful service reports. All your field service data, your customer details and asset information live in one place for a complete view of your equipment, and your customers.

Work Orders within Warranty Period Report

Leverage Prebuilt Dashboards to Get the Most Value from Warranties and Contracts

Built on native Salesforce objects, the Asset 360 solution makes contract and warranty data available and equips everybody in your service organization with a real-time view into corresponding key performance metrics. To help with the unique needs of your service, our prebuilt dashboards are highly configurable and enable you to drill down for further investigation.

With Asset 360, you get instant status on:

  • Renewal Insights on contract performance and customer savings to drive upsells and renewal
  • Assets with warranties expiring
  • Work orders completed within warranty period
  • Contract attach rate
  • Warranty conversion to service contract
  • Work orders covered/not covered by entitlement
  • And more
Renewal Insights Dashboard

Get Actionable Insights with Service Analytics powered by Tableau CRM

Powered by Tableau CRM, get real-time data on costs and profitability across assets, components, contract, account, region, and more.

With access to real-time data dashboards like Cost-to-Serve, Asset Location Insights, and Service Profitability Indicator, service leaders can analyze service operations, take corrective actions on aging product lines or pricing gaps, flag quality trends, and improve strategic planning.

Dashboards powered by Tableau CRM
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