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Medical Microinstruments (MMI) was founded in 2015 near Pisa, Italy to enhance surgical performance through the development of a robotic system that enables surgeons to achieve better outcomes in microsurgery. The Symani Surgical System combines proprietary innovations including the world’s smallest wristed microinstruments as well as tremor reducing and motion-scaling technologies. Together, these powerful capabilities allow more surgeons to successfully perform microsurgery while expanding the field of supermicrosurgery.


Medical Microinstruments (MMI)

Medical Device

100-500 employees

Pisa, Italy


“We wanted a great solution, but more than that, we wanted a true partner, someone who has helped design the best processes and best practices. By installing ServiceMax, we see how the solution and team can help drive us as we develop our services business in line with company goals.”

Giancarlo Testaverde
Executive VP of Operations, Medical Microinstruments


Medical Microinstruments (MMI) aims to help more surgeons around the world to offer more advanced procedures, while reducing costs for patients, hospitals and society at large. MMI is home to the first teleoperated robotic platform for suturing in open surgery with wristed microinstruments. This technology, called the Symani Surgical System, offers motion scaling and tremor elimination and aims to facilitate existing procedures as well as enable new ones in the domain of microsurgery, from post-oncological and trauma reconstructions to ophthalmology, organ transplantation and pediatric surgery.

As MMI looked to launch this new technology to the market, they knew they needed a sustainable and scalable solution for the field service organization. As with many medical device companies, being able to ensure maximum system up-time and provide customers with outstanding technical support was critical to their mission and success.

Finding an asset-centric field service management solution that would allow them to maximize uptime and maintain a high first-time fix rate was a top priority. MMI wanted a platform that would allow them to minimize response time by optimizing the displacement schedules of our engineers, ensure traceability of complaints and issues to meet quality compliance requirements, and have an organized way of gathering customer feedback so that we could make continuous improvements to the system.

Most importantly, they needed to guarantee minimal downtime on our installed devices because any downtime means delays in patient treatments and unnecessary procedure cancellations. And procedure rescheduling might have a huge impact on a patient’s quality of life and a negative result on a hospital’s reputation and business.


After investigating different vendors, MMI identified ServiceMax as one of the leading providers of field service management software. ServiceMax’s reputation as a leader in the Medical Device Industry and long list of medical device customers ultimately drove MMI to select ServiceMax.

“We wanted a top-of-the-line software vendor who would become a long-term partner with us. ServiceMax has been a proven leader for the biomedical space for many years. We saw how the biggest players in the medical device industry choose ServiceMax,” said Testaverde. The partnership between ServiceMax and Salesforce was another important factor in their decision. “We were looking for a complete turn-key solution to support asset and resource management, contract and warranty administration, and service revenue maximization,” said Testaverde. “The combined strengths from both companies bring added value that enables FSEs to deliver an outstanding and proactive customer experience while ensuring maximum asset performance.”


MMI has gone live with the following key functionalities to ensure maximize uptime and provide an excellent customer experience:

  • Real-time monitoring of operational performance and KPIs
  • Turn-key solution built with industry best practices
  • Asset and resource management
  • Contract and warranty management
  • Traceability of complaints and issues to meet quality compliance requirements
  • Single platform that surfaces all service information to field service, sales and marketing teams

They see emerging technologies like AI and IoT as the path to drive new reoccuring revenues, improve the engineering and R&D across their products, meet customer expectations and continuously transform their service offerings.

“The partnership with Salesforce was an important part of our decision. It is crucial that our sales, marketing, and service teams are aligned. Having the commercial team working closely with services and leveraging the same tools, same database, same information is key to our success. ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce will help us define and expand our commercial strategy as we introduce service contracts that will help us best serve our customers.”

Giancarlo Testaverde
Executive VP of Operations, Medical Microinstruments