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Asset 360 for Salesforce

Spare Parts, Returns & Depot Repair Management

Make your inventory processes more efficient

What Happens When You Manage Inventory, Returns & Depot Repairs with ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce?

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ServiceMax und Salesforce bieten mit Asset 360 eine umfassende Servicemanagement-Lösung für ressourcen- und anlagenbezogene Anforderungen an. Asset 360 ermöglicht Effizienz, Betriebszeit und Kundenzufriedenheit mit einer 360-Grad-Ansicht der Anlagen zusammen mit der führenden Plattform für CRM. Mit dieser  Lösung sind Unternehmen in der Lage, neue, ergebnisorientierte Geschäftsmodelle einzuführen und ihr Geschäft für die Zukunft weiterzuentwickeln.

ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce

Asset-Performance maximieren und sich durch Service differenzieren

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Manage Spare Parts Across the Service Delivery Chain

Intelligent Capabilities to Exceed Your First-Time-Fix Goals

Leaving a customer site without completing the job because of a missing part causes frustration for both the customer and the field technicians. Asset 360 enables you to manage spare parts effectively, so you can achieve your First-Time-Fix goals. No more overstocking or shortages - Asset 360’s functionality reconciles the competing goals of field service and supply chain, helping you maintain optimal inventory levels while arming technicians with the right tools and parts to fix the problem on the first visit. But Asset 360 has more to offer. You gain full visibility into parts and their locations, enabling you to respond faster to customer demands. With Asset 360, you can track parts consumption against work orders, warranties and service contracts so you can bill customers correctly and get insights into parts-related costs.

For your technicians in the field, using Asset 360 means that they can order parts without first contacting other departments, which is a huge time saver for them. You can even automate the ordering process with the auto-replenishment feature.

Reverse Logistics & Depot Repair

Intelligent Process Automation for Maximum Efficiency

Getting parts to technicians in the field is standard procedure for service organizations—but managing reverse flow, loan equipment, and depot repair processes is logistically more demanding. To fit the unique needs of service organizations worldwide, Asset 360 has deep capabilities to automate, manage and track all types of returns.

Asset 360, with its prebuilt workflows, supports a multitude of use cases. For example, your field technicians initiate RMAs to return defective parts to repair centers. With Asset 360, you can then re-use the refurbished parts to lower costs. Or say your customers are sending rental equipment back for inspection and you need to document the status for compliance reasons before shipping it back out. Asset 360 supports this and many more scenarios.

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Eliminate Swivel-Chair Issues with Inventory Integration

Get a unified view of all your parts data - regardless of where it is kept

Field service by nature touches many other systems, such as ERP, CRM, HR or even legacy applications. Managing parts is not a standalone function within field service. To be effective, it needs to be integrated across these different systems. The key integration point to manage parts effectively is your ERP system. When integrated with inventory costing, parts ordering and control capabilities of leading ERP systems, Asset 360 gives you visibility and control across all inventory locations, including depot repair facilities, technician trucks, forward stocking locations, and customer consignment sites.

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