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What Happens with Better Contract and Warranty Entitlements?

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ServiceMax und Salesforce bieten mit Asset 360 eine umfassende Servicemanagement-Lösung für ressourcen- und anlagenbezogene Anforderungen an. Asset 360 ermöglicht Effizienz, Betriebszeit und Kundenzufriedenheit mit einer 360-Grad-Ansicht der Anlagen zusammen mit der führenden Plattform für CRM. Mit dieser  Lösung sind Unternehmen in der Lage, neue, ergebnisorientierte Geschäftsmodelle einzuführen und ihr Geschäft für die Zukunft weiterzuentwickeln.

ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce

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Stop Warranty and Contract Leakage with Service Entitlement Automation

See how entitlements work in Asset 360 for Salesforce

Losing money in the field by providing unwarranted free labor, parts, and loaners in order to keep customers happy is an easy thing to do and happens all too often. Why? Because locating the right information while keeping a customer waiting is hard. By automating service entitlements with Asset 360, you can prevent service revenue losses caused by work that should have been charged for. Your service teams can instantly see the service coverage for every asset and respond quickly to customer requests. What is more, your back-office staff and field workforce can make better decisions, improve SLA compliance, and discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Industry-Leading Capabilities to Manage Warranties and Contracts

Cash in on innovative offerings that meet the evolving needs of your customers

Managing warranties and contracts effectively is critical to meet your top-line revenue growth targets. In fact, keeping accurate service contracts and warranties across assets, customers, and locations is vital to your success. But all too often, mismanaging warranty coverages leads to service disruptions and missed upsell opportunities. With Asset 360 for Salesforce, you can define and manage a wide range of entitlements for both warranty and service contracts that are tailored to drive maximum uptime and customer satisfaction.

Asset 360 automates the asset warranty creation process, but when human intervention is required, interactive features are available to allow business administrators to quickly add new warranties that can be tailored for product lines, individual assets, accounts and regions.

Simplify Service Contract Creation with Templates

Asset 360’s Contract Plans—a scalable solution for creating and managing service contracts

Service contracts are a steady and profitable source of income for service organizations. Consequently, they offer customers a wide range of well-designed service contracts. Asset 360’s Contract Plans function like a blueprint and save a lot of time for contract managers. Instead of painstakingly creating contracts from scratch each time a contract is sold and double checking all the details throughout, they can use a template. Selecting one of the available Contract Plans prepopulates individual service contracts with information such as pricing, entitled services, discounts, and more. Asset 360’s Contract Plan feature not only automates much of the process but also has the added advantage of ensuring that the terms and conditions remain within defined parameters to protect service margins.

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Warranty Conversion Rate report

Actionable Insights to Get the Most Value from Warranties and Contracts

Stay on top of your service operation with prebuilt dashboards

Built on native Salesforce objects, the Asset 360 solution makes contract and warranty information readily available and equips everybody in your service organization with a real-time view into key performance metrics. To fit the needs of different service organizations, our prebuilt dashboards are highly configurable and enable you to drill down for further investigation.

With Asset 360, you get instant status on assets with warranties expiring, work orders completed within warranty period, contract attach rate, warranty conversion to service contract, and work orders covered/not covered by entitlement.

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