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In today’s environment, companies across industries have to reimagine how they operate. Requirements for equipment performance have intensified, while customer expectations of service continue to rise. In order to thrive, organizations must advance beyond the standard break-fix model to ensure uptime and customer experience priorities.

Asset 360 delivers complete visibility into install base, service contracts and asset performance to maximize equipment uptime, reduce maintenance costs and adopt outcome-based service models. Natively built of Salesforce Field Service, Asset 360 enables service organizations to:

  • Accelerate Time to Value
  • Reduce Warranty and Contract Leakage at Scale
  • Maximize Contract Attach Rates & Renewals
  • Automate Parts, Return & Depot Repair Processes
  • Get Innovation with Every Product Release
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Warranty & Contract Management

Preventing revenue leakage by managing warranties and contracts is critical for your top line revenue growth. With Asset 360, you can define and manage a wide range of warranty and service contracts that are tailored to drive maximum uptime and customer satisfaction. And by automating service entitlements with Asset 360, you can ensure SLA commitments are met, and stop revenue losses caused by providing unwarranted free work and parts.

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Work Orders within Warranty Period

Parts, Returns & Depot Repair

Missing parts are the number one reason for return visits. It directly impacts your customer experience and asset uptime. To avoid negative outcomes, you need to get your parts management right. And whereas providing parts to technicians in the field is a standard procedure for service organizations, managing reverse flow and depot repair processes while avoiding over- and understocking is more demanding. With Asset 360, you can achieve your first-time fix goals, maintain optimal inventory levels, improve contract margins with refurbished parts and automate your return processes.

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ServiceMax Engage

ServiceMax Engage is an intuitive, turnkey mobile application that connects service organizations with their end customers—the owners and operators of the equipment they service—to improve customer experience and asset data quality. ServiceMax Engage addresses two major pain points facing service organizations: the desire for greater visibility into and involvement with the service process by end customers; and the challenge of maintaining complete and accurate asset data.

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ServiceMax Engage

Zinc Intelligent Remote Service

It is vital for your technicians to connect to people and information that can help them solve issues quickly. If field service solutions don’t include a secure way to communicate, your field service personnel will fall back on using non-compliant, unmanageable consumer apps. Zinc is a secure, real-time communication solution that connects mobile workers with the knowledge and expertise that drives results. Purpose-built for service teams, technicians can connect to experts, the back office, management, and each other using whichever mode works best – including 1:1 or Group Messages, Voice, Video, Hotline Groups, and Broadcasts. Central administration and communication analytics ensure the right people are part of the conversation.

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Contractor Management

To achieve outsourcing goals, your contracted partners are your direct line to the customers. To be prepared for their jobs, and reach their SLA goals, your contractors need to be current on work orders, parts, service and equipment history, entitlements, or documentation. Third-party technicians need to communicate with you and each other as problems arise. With the ServiceMax Partner Community, you can securely share information with your partners, get real-time visibility into partners’ operations to ensure their accountability, and manage your customers’ experience.

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Contractor Management


To deliver uptime and reliability, service leaders need a 360-degree view of their assets. When service is required, contact center agents and technicians can access critical information about an asset’s maintenance history, serial number and subcomponent attributes, location on customer’s site and bill of materials. Technicians in the field can view helpful articles and tips, access that asset’s service entitlement and upload photos.

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Preventive & Proactive Maintenance

Asset 360 accelerates the journey from reactive to proactive models of service delivery. Service organizations can choose among different strategies to ensure zero unplanned downtime, such as time-based and condition-based maintenance and IoT connected field service. With IoT, asset performance data and analytics are ingested by our robust field service engine so that service, maintenance and reliability teams can get to issues before they turn into failures, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime.

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Proactive Maintenance and IoT

Mobile Technician App

Bring the power of the latest technology to your field service technicians. Built to be offline-first, the mobile app presents information in a clean and easy-to-use user interface and arms your workforce with the latest information with in-app notifications. Field service technicians and contractors can share job updates, access knowledge articles, view and update van stock or inventory, generate service reports and more. Available on any iOS or Android device.

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Scheduling & Optimization

Leverage intelligent features to automate and accelerate your scheduling processes instead of relying on overburdened dispatchers to manually build an efficient field service schedule. Powered by schedule optimization, the Asset 360 dispatcher console does the work for you by generating an optimal schedule according to your priorities and constraints. The dispatcher console is the main working space for dispatchers. It features a dynamic map and a highly customizable Gantt chart—showing upcoming appointments and active team members—and helps your dispatchers make the most effective scheduling decisions. Schedule optimization helps you comply with service-level agreements and minimize travel time, overtime, costs, and no-shows.

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Field Service Analytics

To run a successful field service organization, you need data. Understanding key performance metrics and tracking them in real time is imperative to identifying strengths and improving weaknesses in your service operations. Modern field service solutions, like Asset 360, make data readily available for analysis, provide you with actionable insights, and empower you with comprehensive self-service capabilities.

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