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Learn more about Delivery Route Scheduling Software

Are your most invaluable customers prioritized, or is the squeakiest wheel swallowing your valuable resources? Assigning jobs to field service technicians is a complex process. To ensure high efficiency while ensuring customer delight, you need to:

  • Ensure jobs are assigned to technician(s) with the right skills
  • Ensure that the schedules of the technicians are not unfeasible or overbooked
  • Ensure that the customers adhere to appointment time windows
  • Ensure that your technicians do not travel more and do not work less
  • Ensure that the schedules are efficient and do not affect resolution times or customer happiness
  • Ensure that priority customers receive attention first

The advanced delivery route scheduling software from ServiceMax include a remarkable UI that manages scheduling processes whether automatic, interactive or manual. ServiceMax helps to handle the schedules of both employees and partner- employed technicians. It helps in decreasing repairing time by ensuring that only right technicians are dispatched to the right job.


  • Improve your dispatch operations efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction and first time fix rates
  • Improve technician's rates of utilization by expanding wrench time and lessening windshield time
  • Leverage more effectively service partners of yours to decrease costs and increase service delivery
  • Satisfy customer SLA commitments efficiently and on time

Servicemax simultaneously automates schedules for numerous work orders using its interactive dispatch console having drag-and- drop element. To learn more, schedule a demo today.