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Mobile Field Service Management

Who wants to use a bulky, outdated and slow device? Not your field techs. Equip your technicians with iPads, and not only will you see productivity gains, but you will promote your brand as a modern, forward-thinking, technology-minded business. The iPad is surprisingly well-suited for life in field service. Our innovative application, ServiceMax Mobile for iPad, was the considered the first comprehensive field service app available on the iPad. Use our field-ready iPad app to:

  • Manage calendars and get one click driving directions
  • Manage a work order
  • Lookup parts in your trunk stock or the stock of nearby techs
  • Price replacement parts and labor
  • Access a knowledge base to troubleshoot issues
  • Use social features to get help from other techs or engineers in the home office
  • Take a photo or video and attach it to the work order
  • Generate a service report and present it for customer signature, and more!