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Weighing the Advantages of Mobile Apps and Native Apps

Fieldservice apps are a must-have if you are in a service industry and have a mobile workforce to manage. But business as usual has taken on a new meaning with the added advantages and capabilities that mobile technologies have brought in today. If you are opting to integrate mobile apps for your mobile workforce, then it is a choice between the native apps and the latest mobile apps.

ServiceMax is a field service management solution that provides both native as well as mobile apps on the Salesforce platform to extend end-to-end field service capabilities to your technicians.

If you are making a choice between the native and the mobile apps for your team, then there are a few questions that you may want answered first.

1. Do I need to login to multiple systems individually?

A native app enables a one-time login to multiple systems for a single view of all customers and details. A non-native app, on the on the other hand, needs a user to move from one interface and platform to another as the user is trying to access different tools from different platforms

2. How can I access all the data quickly?

A native app, built on salesforce, has all the data within the platform. A non-native app will need to access an online web application or a data store bundled in, to enable complete access

3. Can I ensure that the connections are never lost?

A native app is always connected as long as salesforce is on, but with mobile apps, there is a risk of lost connections.

ServiceMax has identified that native apps work best with iPhones and iPads and it also has the HTML 5 suite for mobile access. Get ServiceMax.