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Mobile Enterprise Solutions


Now more than ever, enterprise service businesses need mobile enterprise solutions to tackle the variety of needs a modern company may come across. As one of the industries with mobile workers, enterprise service need to be able to track workers in the field, their inventory, their schedule, and more. The fear of sending an unqualified technician with the wrong parts to a job without a warranty in place not only will decrease efficiency, but hinder customer satisfaction and increase costs. None of which are what a modern company want.

Mobile enterprise solutions need to flexible as well. Leading solutions need to work across devices - Apple, Android, and even PC. As well, these softwares need to be accessible by not only the technician, by dispatchers, managers, and in some cases even the customer. Providing visibility across the work order provides new levels of collaboration never experienced prior to the mobile cloud.

ServiceMax from GE Digital is a leading mobile enterprise field service solution. A complete field service solution, built on the cloud, this software has been optimized to support mobile businesses. Featuring offline capabilities that automatically sync once a connection is established, and a library of guides, big businesses no longer need to worry about losing information when a technician is in the field as far from connectivity as imaginable. 

To learn more about how ServiceMax from GE Digital can be your mobile enterprise solution for field service, download the report today.