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Improved Visibility and Efficiency in Parts Inventory Management with ServiceMax

A timely, hassle-free repair or replacement can go a long way in building long standing customer relationships. Efficient parts inventory management system enables a quick turn-around of refurbished products and also ensures you are always fully-equipped on all your service calls. ServiceMax can help you get there. Our Service Parts product allows you to carefully track parts in the warehouse and in trunk stock so you know where parts are at all times.

ServiceMax provides complete visibility into trunk stock during the scheduling process. With ServiceMax, the right technician equipped with the right parts is dispatched on priority, making your first-time fix rate go up. With ServiceMax' Service Parts, you can:

  • Increase in the first-time fix rates
  • Reduce inventory costs by minimizing parts leakage and write-downs
  • Minimize costs by using refurbished parts/products by managing spare parts inventory more efficiently
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements through audit trails on all parts movements
  • Increase field technician utilization rates by facilitating easier and faster ordering of parts and their usage

ServiceMax can help you resolve customer issues much faster and much more efficiently by providing complete visibility into parts inventory. Get in touch with us to learn more about ServiceMax field service software!