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Improved Service Parts Management from ServiceMax Field Service Software

Managing parts, repairs, and returns efficiently across any service network is the key to improving profitability in a field service organization. You need Field Service Software that helps improve the effectiveness of your technicians, call takers, and dispatchers by efficiently managing parts and product inventory. ServiceMax' Service Parts Management Software can help you reduce operating costs and improve your profitability.

With our inventory and service parts management software, you gain 360 degree visibility on products, accounts, entitlements, and parts. We also help managers, technicians, and depot repair users to streamline and manage parts movements and inventory updates through forward and reverse logistics capabilities. With our Service Parts Management Software, you can:

  • Manage inventory data for various types of parts transactions, such as, return material authorizations, stock adjustments, and parts requests
  • Handle large volumes easily with the help of batch entitlement checks, moves, and barcode-enabled receipts
  • Empower your technicians to locate the right part quickly using advanced lookup filters for both trunk stock and nearby technicians and depots
  • Provide your service partners a real-time view into parts availability; and also the ability to request/ship parts and initiate/ close transactions

With ServiceMax Field Service Software, you can cut costs and also improve the productivity and effectiveness of your technicians, dispatchers, and call takers. Get in touch with us today!