Chair-A-Medics provides quality cleaning, preventative maintenance, mechanical and upholstery repairs for medical chair recliners in hospitals and clinics. Chair-A-Medics number one goal is to enhance the patient experience. They are also focused on growing as a company. The company currently has over 1,000 customers, and is looking to grow exponentially over the next year with the help of ServiceMax.


Chair-A-Medics, Inc.

Medical Upholstery & Furniture Repair

50-100 employees

Cary, North Carolina


“We chose ServiceMax because we knew it was the industry leader when it comes to field service management. We knew it wouldn’t just help us get a little bit better, but it would catapult us into the growth we like to see for ourselves. It’s not just an intermediate solution, but it would help us in the future become the larger company we would like to be.”

Victoria Butt
IT Manager

ServiceMax Customer Video - Chair-A-Medics


Prior to ServiceMax, Chair-A-Medics was unable to capture what was happening in the field. “We could not see what parts and labor were being applied, except through technicians writing on a piece of paper and faxing it over at the end of the day, or the end of the week,” explained Victoria Butt, IT Manager. This delayed invoicing customers, providing estimates, and ordering inventory parts. For a company focused on growth, these delays were detrimental.

Chair-A-Medics knew it needed a service software solution to achieve its growth objectives. The company needed a tool that would provide better insight into their business, as well as improve their customer and technician experience.


Chair-A-Medics adopted ServiceMax’s Mobile for iPad. At first, its technicians were hesitant of the new system, but after experiencing the benefits of managing all their service data in one comprehensive field service system – they were convinced. Now, technicians have the right information at their fingertips. “Our technicians can walk onsite and greet our customers by name,” Ms. Butt excitedly shared. “We now give them answers and information in real time, which makes them so much more equipped to complete their job.”


ServiceMax has provided Chair-A-Medics with a better ability to scale its business. There is now more visibility into the everyday process, which, in return, helps deliver proactive customer service. Ms. Butt explained, “We chose ServiceMax so that we could not only meet the needs of our customers, but also so we could exceed their expectations.”

Chair-A-Medics’ technicians have embraced ServiceMax and new benefits of instant customer and work order visibility. These new capabilities and data insights have helped increase technician productivity by 30%. Chair-A-Medics is excited about the growth that’s on the horizon, and is confident that ServiceMax will be a great partner going forward.