Jet AirWerks works with OEM's in repair development efforts as well as overhauls engine components for distribution companies, engine overhaul shops, and airline operators. Jet AirWerks offers customers superior service in aircraft maintenance, manufacturing, repair and overhaul of components, aircraft parts, and more.


Jet AirWerks


50 employees

Arkansas City, Kansas


"Everybody knows what's going on, plus we have a record of what's been said. Zinc is a verb now. You know, 'Zinc that.' It's become a pretty integral part of how we do business."

Keith Humphrey


Jet AirWerks is an essential part of a complicated supply chain—they work directly with airlines as well as with resellers, part suppliers, and overhaul shops who support the airlines. That means on any given day, there are dozens of short updates and questions exchanged among Jet AirWerks employees to track the various projects. In the past, the company relied largely on text messages for such communications – but between iPhone and Android users and changing cell numbers, simple texts became a hassle or could not be delivered. The need for a secure communication platform became urgent when a virus attacked the company's ERP system and email server.


When looking for a secure solution, Jet AirWerks prioritized a platform that worked across all devices, was easy to use while on the job and would provide one central place for all communications.


Using Zinc, Jet AirWerks was able to streamline communication, minimize meetings, improve transparency, and remove duplicate work that often happened due to employees missing out on text messages and emails. Keith notes: "Zinc offers group communication channels so everyone can see where problems are and who is working to fix them. What Zinc provides is up-and-coming stuff – it’s very useful to us and entirely integrated into the business. This kind of messaging is really the future of what we’re all going to be doing."