Kinetico Advanced Water Systems is known as one of the most reliable providers of high quality water treatments solutions and services. Kinetico’s non-electric technology helps people all over the world solve their water problems and improve their water for both general use and consumption. Their residential products include water softeners, drinking water systems, and specialty treatment systems. Kinetico also provides water treatment and services for HVAC, dialysis, educational institutions, food services, and assisted living and day care. Today, there are over 50,000 customers enjoying Kinetico water.


Kinetico Incorporated

Consumer Goods

500-600 employees

Newbury, Ohio


“The best use of the IT department’s time is developing ideas for business solutions and not programming complex IT systems. ServiceMax is a comprehensive system that causes very minimal disruption to our IT department, allowing us to focus on the business processes and implementation of strategic business systems.”

Ned Sherry
Director of IT


In order to schedule and track their technicians, Kinetico relied on spreadsheets and used email to communicate schedule updates and new assignments. As Kinetico continued to grow, their system could not provide insight into service performance. Additionally, much of their service is performed through their dealer network. Not enough post-service data or information was passed back to Kinetico. They were facing increasing costs and saw the need to invest in improving their customers’ experience. SLA deadlines needed to be met and their customers needed reliable service, every time.


  • Installed Base Management
  • Entitlements & Warranty Management
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • ServiceMax Partner Communities

After looking at various field service solutions, Kinetico decided on ServiceMax because they knew their team could reach their field service goals with ServiceMax’s breadth of functionality.

ServiceMax’s strong work order management, scheduling automation, escalation, and reporting and metric tracking capabilities are a few areas Kinetico consistently utilize.

The team also knew they needed a cloud-based solution that could offer rich partner portal capabilities. Customer satisfaction was a huge business driver, so they needed a way to boost accountability across their service partners.


Because ServiceMax is cloud-based, it was seamlessly integrated into Kinetico’s processes in less than six weeks. Now, the cloud allows Kinetico to implement business process changes in hours instead of weeks, saving them a ton of time.

Kinetico is also saving time by cutting their work order resolution time in half. Now, technicians are automatically notified of a case opened in their area and can easily debrief with a work order.

Kinetico saw nearly ubiquitous adoption amongst their dealers. They are benefiting from increased visibility, streamlined scheduling and an automated resolution process. Their business is more agile too, and business process changes that could take weeks to put in place, now take only hours.

With a more efficient process set in place, there has been a decrease in the number of missed SLAs, improving customer satisfaction across all 50,000 of Kinetico’s customers!