Lumenis is a global leader in minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the aesthetic, ophthalmology, and surgical markets. The company’s solutions are ground-breaking, healing previously untreatable conditions. They’re known as an expert in creating innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Radio-Frequency. Servicing their product range in a timely, efficient manner is often critical so patients can receive key treatments. However, technicians from Lumenis were sometimes hindered by legacy systems, which brought the company to ServiceMax.



Medical Devices

1,001-5,000 employees

Yokne’am Illit, Israel


“In the past the service team could say to us ‘we’re losing information, it’s not working, etc…’ Today they no longer have this excuse. They have the best reporting technologies available to them.”

Amir Belferman


“We needed to improve the way the service team was working based on better technology with better processes and better efficiencies,” explains Belferman. Lumenis’ engineers were busy, working on up to eight appointments a day. However, sometimes incorrect parts were shipped to clients and work order debriefs took longer than expected, which caused widespread frustration. Technicians were able to get the job done, but they did not feel on top of their game.

The legacy systems also caused revenue leakage, cutting off technicians’ ability to charge for work completed and pursue new sales opportunities. There was limited access to historical product information, contract type and service level agreements, which meant that valuable knowledge and upsell opportunities were lost.

Belferman knew something needed to change. “We needed the ability to provide easy to use reporting tools to control what exists in the field, what exists in the inventory and what exists in the pipeline – we needed this 360-degree view platform to enable us to deliver a higher first-time fix rate.”


Lumenis searched for a new solution to enable higher technician productivity and improve their upsell capacity. Their original thought was to implement SAP for service because Lumenis already used SAP for their ERP system. Then, Lumenis found that ServiceMax met every single one of their service delivery requirements. This included short implementation time, complete visibility of the installed base and KPIs, and affordable pricing. “We compared the solutions for budget and resources perspective, and after five years ServiceMax was the most cost efficient,” Belferman shares.

Lumenis leveraged the partner network of ServiceMax to implement locally and integrate with their ERP system. “We used a middleware called Jitterbit to build around 20 interfaces between ServiceMax and SAP, and the integration project was completed within two months.” This integration allowed for better visibility into inventory and the ability to order parts.

Within six months from date of purchase, Lumenis was up and running. Part of their solution rollout included a laptop for technicians, so that they can benefit from digital work order and parts management, as well as complete warranty and contract information for every customer.

Throughout the initial implementation, the company was already planning to deploy ServiceMax for their other service teams. “What was really rare and amazing was that we deployed to EMEA and APAC by ourselves with just one or two resources, this could never happen with some of the other software vendors,” Belferman says.


Today, everyone is happy with the solution. “Our technicians are very satisfied due to the quality of the solution and the user-friendly interface – compared with the legacy system they were using it’s totally different. We know they’re satisfied as we’re in touch with them on a daily basis.”

Now, technicians no longer arrive on customer site without visibility into the product history, know-how to fix the problem, or a correct part. This has helped increase their KPIs, including first-time fix rate, upsell and service revenue, and customer satisfaction.

By eliminating 14 different data bases and moving to one single solution, Lumenis now has one global process that helps in providing timely, efficient service, so that customers using Lumenis equipment deliver superior patient outcomes.