Luminex Corporation develops and manufactures solutions applicable in various markets including biomedical research, clinical diagnostics, genomic and proteomic research, food safety, and pharmaceutical drug discovery. Their mission is to empower labs to obtain reliable, timely, and actionable answers, essentially advancing health. In order to increase interdepartmental collaboration and improve customer satisfaction, Luminex needed to move away from their ERP-based field service module and into a cloud-based solution.


Luminex Corporation


501-1,000 employees

Austin, Texas


“Our experience with the application has increased our production and efficiency while increasing our ability to deliver successful service outcomes to our customers. Additionally, the service and support from the ServiceMax team has been superb.”

Steve Nava
Director of Field Service, Americas

Steve Nava joined ServiceMax Live to discuss Luminex's customer experience.


Luminex was looking for a way to create more interdepartmental visibility across their company, especially between sales and service. The commercial teams did not have a view of scheduled and completed service activity and the service teams did not have a solution that could effectively communicate new opportunities to sales.

The company saw this as an opportunity to improve visibility companywide and provide a way for the commercial and service team to collaborate effectively.


Originally, Luminex had Oracle ERP suite for both internal business applications, as well as a CRM, which included field service. However, Oracle did not provide all the functionality that Luminex needed to meet customer demands.

“We had Oracle ERP suite for both internal business apps as well as CRM, including field service – did not provide all of the functionality that Luminex needed to meet customer requirements. “It was just not the best fit for our requirements,” says Steve Nava, Director of Field Service, Americas.

ServiceMax was a natural choice for Luminex because they had recently adapted Salesforce. The company wanted to see each customer interaction, from the service history to order and shipping history to what entitlements they carried.

When designing the ServiceMax solution, Luminex worked closely with their field service engineers. “There were numerous things from my own days in the field that I thought would work in the solution, but the engineers asked for changes because they knew those parts of the operation better than I did,” Nava says.

After building out all their requirements, Luminex deployed iPads to all their engineers. Nava raves about the iPads, “the techs simply break out their iPad, conduct their business, debrief, and capture the signature. The customer receives an immediate report that details cost, so they can see what that service is costing them.”

The mobile device provides techs the ability to update SLAs and project estimates on or offline, as well as access to a Knowledge Base where they can research their questions. This new solution’s access to service history, entitlements, SLA status, and dashboards has helped engineers make the most out of their days.

Luminex_ ServiceMax Customer Video


“The initial trending indicates we’re going in the right direction,” explains Nava. Luminex has seen great results since implementing ServiceMax. Their same-day service call resolution is greater than 95% and invoicing has gone down from weeks to days. This has contributed to customer satisfaction scores in the 90s.

Even with a 10% YoY increase in call volume, Luminex has not had to grow their headcount because how efficient their engineers are. “The field engineers feel good about what they’re doing and the employee morale has skyrocketed.”

With the help of ServiceMax, the entire company has a complete view of customer related activities, bringing a new sense of collaboration across Luminex.